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Considering that 80 percent of Internet users have searched for a health-related topic online and that online advertising has now overtaken television to become the world’s largest ad medium, digital marketing for pharmaceutical companies is an important and powerful strategy to reach target audiences. Forward-thinking pharma companies realize this as a way to get ahead of the competition and have begun partnering with digital marketing agencies who understand the strict regulations of the industry.

From navigating regulatory red-tape and black-box warnings to working through critical timelines and legal reviews, marketing for pharmaceutical companies is intricate. The in-house team of marketing consultants at CMDS is experienced with managing the strict marketing restrictions pharma brands face every day to formulate strategies that get brands noticed, attract customers and keep growth consistent.

The most effective marketing for pharmaceutical companies is one that strategically demonstrates a brand’s value to their audience, shifting the focus from product to consumer. Simplified, consumer-centric marketing, whether for website design, content marketing or advertisements, can be the key to helping pharma companies increase ROI.

Think About This:

9 out of 10 big pharmaceutical companies are now investing more into pharmaceutical marketing than research.

What We Do

Looking for an experienced marketing company with in-depth knowledge of the pharma industry and prospective buyers? We’ll work hand-in-hand with you to determine the smartest, most impactful way to achieve your objectives and meet your audience when and where they’re looking for answers.

Combining data-driven strategies with creative insight, CMDS has the expertise to communicate strategic messages, build a memorable brand and increase revenue. We understand the insights that motivate behavior. Some of our strategic services include:

Our strategic approach separates us from the pack. Let us do the same for your brand.

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We don’t just dabble in helping our clients, we live and breathe it.

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Whether in healthcare, pharmaceutical or any other industry, we like to do work that matters. With a client roster that spans from emerging startups to the pharma industry’s biggest players, our strategic services are designed to dig beneath the science and uncover the inspiring stories that drive brand awareness.

As a digital mindshare marketing and development agency, we’re thinkers and doers with an appetite for fresh perspectives. Since 2002, we’ve helped clients work through some of the most complex marketing challenges pharmaceutical companies face today, from building regulation compliant content to developing global sites for each market. We are a full-service creative agency who delivers a diverse suite of branding strategies, marketing capabilities and an in-depth data-driven approach that you always knew you needed (but never knew existed). Headquartered in New Jersey, we work with brands nationwide.

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Healthcare Brands We’ve Worked On

Our marketing services geared for pharma brands not only grab attention, influence audiences and overcome challenges, but also work within the confines of their legal, compliance and regulatory restrictions to deliver powerful results.

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Case Study: Global Biopharmaceutical Company

A leading global biotechnology company approached CMDS in 2014 to manage various content and marketing efforts. Since then, CMDS has developed and supported over 20 of their websites including blockbuster brand, unbranded, clinical trial and financial support sites. To guide the future development of all branded WordPress websites, we established a Global Development Framework in partnership with their internal IT. Responsible for all site development, maintenance, third-party integrations, we also manage SEO & analytics tagging and all interaction points with IT to deploy sites within multiple environments.

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