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As one of the most cost effective ways to connect with targeted audiences, email marketing is often overlooked or ineffectively used. But at CMDS, we know the power of branded newsletters. When done correctly, email marketing returns more dollars on your investment than any other marketing channel.

In fact, for every $1 you spend on email marketing, you can expect a return of $38! This is exactly why the team at CMDS takes a strategic approach with brand marketing, ensuring emails are seamlessly aligned with business goals and user needs in mind. We help brands stay connected and boost customer retention.

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A recent survey showed that email achieves a median ROI of 122%, which is more than 4x more than any other marketing channel, including social media (28%), direct mail (27%) and paid search (25%).

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At CMDS, our team of in-house copywriters develop targeted email marketing strategies that drive real results. We take care of everything including email campaign strategy, template design, content creation and scheduling.

By applying personalized messaging and contact list segmentation, our copywriting team crafts engaging content with enticing call-to-action that drives traffic to your website, boosts customer retention and delivers serious ROI. And, with responsive, award-winning email designs that incorporate your branding elements, users will have an optimal experience connecting on any device: mobile, tablet or desktop.

But, it doesn’t stop there. Our marketing team takes ROI very seriously which is why we analyze every email we send. By tracking metrics such as open rates, conversions, share rates, bounce rates, CTRs and campaign ROI we can improve email campaign performance, increase subscriber engagement and optimize click-through-rates.

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70% of subscribers will delete an email if it doesn’t look polished on their mobile device.

Why other businesses keep choosing CMDS as their email marketing agency?

  • Newsletter template design
  • Strategic planning and assessment
  • Customized email message copywriting
  • Email promotions
  • Re-engagement campaigns
  • Triggered email campaigns
  • Drip email campaign management
  • Campaign/List segmentation
  • Scheduling email campaigns
  • Performance analysis
  • Impactful email campaigns that send your ROI soaring
  • Branded newsletter design
  • Personalized email messaging that captures attention
  • Customized content that increases campaign opens, clicks, and conversions
  • Motivating call-to-action that drives traffic back to your website
  • Peace of mind knowing CMDS email marketing professionals have you covered

“With so much to say and no idea how to say it (or send it), CMDS saved me from feeling stuck on mute.”

“Once we hired the team at CMDS to manage our business’ email marketing, our phones started ringing like never before.”

“We used to send out quarterly newsletters and were lucky if we got 5% of our subscribers to open the email. Now that CMDS is running the show, our monthly open rate is steadily above 25%.”

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Email Marketing Services FAQ:

Email drip campaigns are a series of pre-written communications that deliver automatically to your audience based on specific actions they take, like subscribing to your newsletter, downloading a new piece of content, requesting information about a service or leaving a shopping cart empty. They are designed to nurture relationships, upsell, drive traffic to your website and retain customers.

Email segmentation designed to provide ultra-relevant content to your audience. By segmenting email contact lists, businesses can drastically improve open and clickthrough rates.

Personalized emails are a great way to increase open and click rates for your email campaigns. Personalization can include anything from including name, organization, title to personalized imagery & product recommendations.

“Unsubscribe” can seem like a four-letter word, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Using strategic segmentation, email frequency management and engaging email content, you can keep the conversation going strong.

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