Customer meets product. Customer falls in love with product. Shine a light on that success story.

Customer Meets (and Loves) Product

Case study writing doesn’t have to be dry, overly technical. Sure, case studies are helpful for brands who sell complex products or hard-to-understand services. But, they’re so much more than that. Used in marketing and public relations, a case study is a way to highlight a brand’s success story with problem-solving content to inspire and influence other consumer’s behavior.

At CMDS, our in-house writers and editors tailor case study writing strategies for each client. Whether it’s a complex, technical report or in-depth project summary, our experienced copywriters know exactly how to highlight your story and make words sell.

Take advantage of customer success.

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A case study can provide valuable ROI across many platforms including search, social media and email.

Case Study Writing: Keep It Real

A successfully written case study reflects the realities of the consumer’s experience with purchasing and using a brand’s product or service. If the picture is too perfect, the readers won’t believe the story. It’s important to include information about challenges, delays, and other setbacks to demonstrate how those issues were effectively resolved. This adds credibility and helps the reader connect on a more personal level.

Customers don’t want to “take your word for it” – they want to hear about it from other customers. Keep the focus on telling your client’s story rather than selling the product. Make them the champion.

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Only 24 percent of users will read an article for more than 15 seconds once they realize it’s native advertising and not organic content.

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Immersive. Experience. Adventure.

Give prospective customers a glimpse into the world of working with your brand. Take them on an adventure with your client’s case study.

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Case studies build trust because they open the dialogue that is based on what you can do for the client rather than what you’re selling.

Case Study Writing FAQ

Case study writing is essential to help companies inspire confidence in their target audience. But we understand you might have some questions about how it can benefit your brand.

Case studies are a way to showcase your customer’s experience and highlight your expertise in your industry. Proving what you know and how you can solve relatable problems can help you build your reputation and your brand.

Our in-house writers use strategy and content to inform, educate and entice readers leading to an increase in both brand and reputation. Because, there’s no better way to show your prospects exactly what you can do for them and demonstrate your authority by backing it up with a story.

  • For an effective case study, we begin by introducing the customer (your client). Who they are, where they’re located, what products or services they offer.
  • Then we’ll identify the key challenge. We’ll describe what problem or pain point the customer was trying to improve and highlight any issues they faced.
  • To make the story more personal, we’ll take the reader on a journey to help the reader empathize with the customer. Now we review the steps that the customer took to solve their problem, what (if any) other companies were used (and why they didn’t work out).
  • Bridging the case study, we help the reader discover how the customer found out about the highlighted brand. This helps to make a connection to the rest of the story.
  • When we get to the solution section, here we pitch the brand without fear of sounding too salesy. Hey, you’ve worked hard for this spotlight! We’ll tell how the product or service was used, describe any problems that arose and how your company went the extra mile to resolve them.
  • Finally, we summarize the results getting as specific as we can. Now is the time to share raw data, statistics, customer quotations and close off with an encouraging call-to-action.

The initial investment for a case study can be more than writing a blog post or creating a social media post. But the evergreen results of building relationships and trust last a long time.

Other customers want to hear real world examples of your brand in action.

Share these amazing stories and start building more profitable relationships.

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