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One of the most effective ways to generate more traffic for your brand’s website is by using a professional blogging company in NJ who knows how to transform a website from being a simple online brochure into a resource center that customers love and trust. Hello, we are CMDS. Our results-driven blend of blogging services takes a small army of CMDS rockstars to pull off, and we have the formula down.

What makes a CMDS rockstar you might ask? Our in-house team of marketing strategists, copywriters, SEO analysts and design & development pros love solving problems of all sizes. We use a strategic blend of established best practices, innovation, design and age-old storytelling to find the killer combo of organic and paid eyeballs for the content we create.

In other words, we help brands build loyalty, authenticity and most of all, love (aka: organic traffic).

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Did You Know?

Websites with blogs have an average of over 400% more
indexed pages and over 95% more index links?

Why Should I Use a Blogging Company in NJ?

And how can they help me deliver (real) results?

  1. Leverage organic reach – High-quality, relevant blog content, when strategically sprinkled with the right keywords, is gold for search engines like Google.
  2. Position your brand as the expert – To resonate with today’s ever-evolving audience, blogs must move beyond product features and also be used to position brands as the industry authority.
  3.  Generate a lot higher quality traffic – These thought-provoking blogs can spark discussion among customers throughout their “buyer’s journey” and create the brand buzz you need to stand out from the noise and earn high quality leads.
  4. Compound trafficOver time, organic traffic from your blogs will continue to  grow and generate more leads and sales.
  5. Answer questions – Your audience has questions, we’ll help you answer them by using the right keywords on your blog, super-specific to the question of the reader.
  6. Optimize to a voice search – The way users search for information is constantly changing. Today, more people are using voice search on their smartphones, tablets and voice assistants and blogs must reflect those more conversational voice search queries.
  7. Use and reuse – Evergreen blog content pieces can be used for email newsletters, shared on social media channels and to supplement sales materials. In other words, a simple upfront investment can build some serious ROI down the road.
  8. Engage with your audience – With the ability to create a voice that is engaging for end users, blogs have the opportunity to create lifelong followers and customers.
  9. Analyze and refineOur team loves data. Based on analytics, we can measure the effectiveness of your blog content to refine future strategies.
  10. Save time – As an effective solution for time-crunched companies, we come up with the ideas on what kind of content will resonate with your audience and deliver the results you’re looking for.

Pro Tip!

Brands who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to achieve a positive ROI on their efforts.

How Does It Work?

Brands all over the U.S. keep choosing CMDS as their blogging company. Why? Because we deliver real results. Here’s how we do it:

Interview/Questionnaire We’ll unveil everything there is to know about our clients through an in depth interview.

Research We find out what's trending in your industry, what content is shared most on social, key phrases for ranking, etc.

Content Creation Our copywriting strategies create powerful content that drives profitable behavior and authentic communications that build trust and inspire action.

Internal Review and Editing We’ll ensure that the copy is optimized with terms people are searching for to maximize your organic reach.

Client Review Once it’s polished on our end, we’ll run it by your team for a final review.

Publish and Submit to Search Engines It’s time to share your blog with the world!

See How We Do It

Watch the video to learn more about our content curation process!

Educate. Inspire. Entertain.

Blogs should educate, inspire and entertain. At CMDS, we’re obsessed with hitting that “sweet-spot,” to draw in your audience and persuade them to take action.

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Blogging Company FAQ

Stats show that more than 60% of business owners choose to outsource their content to a
professional blogging company. But, we’re sure you still have some questions.

Considering earned (organic) traffic has lower bounce rates and higher conversion rates, blogging leads to better business results.

Let’s look at a simple example for a brand that only has about 1000 visits from organic traffic per month. On average, organic traffic converts to leads at 16%. That equates to 160 leads per month (1000×16%=160 leads). If the lead to sale conversion rate on average is 10% (which is conservative), then you have 16 sales (160×10%=16 sales). In one year, you’re looking at 192 sales.

Now, let’s say that same brand invests in writing 4 blogs per month and increases their organic traffic 88% after the first year. That equates to 1880 visitors per month, 300 leads per month, 30 sales per month….360 sales per year.

Simply put: more blogs=more earned traffic=more qualified leads= more sales.

A blog can be used in a variety of ways for brands, but is often used to educate, inspire and entertain – ultimately to persuade an audience to make a purchase or use a service. It can also be used to bring news, explain a product by addressing “pain-points” and humanize a brand.

Blogging is generally very affordable, especially in comparison to advertising on Google or Bing (and even more so in highly competitive industries). Often, the money spent in paid auctions are gone in a flash with no trace for the searchers to come in the next week, month, year. But with blogging, your investment in building content on your own property/website will be long-lasting and have compound interest on generating traffic month over month, year over year.

* Click here to see ROI on Content Marketing Graphic

For any business looking to make an impact through their blog, strategy is key. Content must be written in a way that provides a solution for your audience, places keywords exactly where they need to be for SEO and highlights a call-to-attention to direct readers down the road to conversion.

“Can’t I just do it in-house?” We hear this all the time. When it comes to blogging for your brand, it’s important to consider the amount of time it takes to consistently generate the number of quality blogs you need to stay ahead. (Key word being quality). It’s not enough to simply post words on your blog and call it a day. These words must be strategically thought-out, optimized and refined to generate a high level of interest, solve a problem and attract search engine results.

Ideally, you’d be posting 18+ blogs per month, but we understand that may not be feasible for every business. So we are here to lend a hand and either supplement or completely take over your blogging initiative.

To craft the perfect blog copy, first, we want to learn all about your brand. By researching your industry and your business, analyzing the competition and immersing ourselves in your brand, our in-house writers will create clever content using the strategic keywords to get you higher search engine rankings and attract the right readers. Our innovative blogging services bring your story to life.

Blogging with Measurable Results

Blogging is no longer optional for brands who want to be found on search and strive to connect with customers. We can make the magic happen. Give us a shout at (732) 706-5555 to learn more about building your brand (and your blog copy) today!

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