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How To Rank Any Page Number One On Google

Read Time 4 mins Published Oct 31, 2023

How To Rank Any Page Number One On Google

I’m going to show you how to rank any page number one on Google with this quick, little, very casual, unprofessional video that I’m shooting right now through Google meets being recorded. And I’m going to show it to you this simply because everybody overcomplicates it and is thinking about all the technical things that need to happen in order to rank a page high on Google without considering the number one thing.

In order to know how to rank any page number one on Google, you have to truly give a shit and add value to the experience the user is going to have when they visit your web page.

So let me explain… For 21 years I’ve been building web presences and getting them ranked number one on crazy hard search phrases, focusing primarily on the technical attributes… making sure that the website is programmed appropriately…

  • That headings and metadata have the keyphrase in them and it is identical.
  • You want to make sure the keyword density within the content is appropriate
  • There are inbound links from relevant sources with relevant key phrases alt tags

And then what I realized is that the pages that we focused more on providing a great experience with awesome content were the pages that always ranked really well! Really just thinking about what it is that your ideal clients want to hear and learn about.

So the first thing to do is ask yourself, what is the problem that I’m really trying to solve for my ideal client? The real thing is understanding and identifying what it is specifically that you’re trying to solve for this person and then think about all the things that you can do to help them solve that challenge before the exchange of money.

We’re purely trying to build credibility between you and this prospect so when they come to your website based on the search phrase… in this instance how to rank any page number one on Google… they’re going to find the page, but then they’re going to have a great experience on that page.

So now a big metric that Google looks at is engagement. Engagement is how long a unique visitor is on your webpage and or site and staying there and navigating around and actually utilizing it.

It’s important that anytime anybody does a search phrase like “how to rank any page number one on Google” and your website shows up in the search results… and the user clicks on that link because all the snippet/metadata there is also written appropriately to get them to want to click on that link and learn more… and then when they land on that page… they have a great experience.

Let’s talk about what the great experience means

We talked about adding value and that’s really important. But think about all the things you as a user would want when experiencing a web page.

Start with Video

In order to rank any page number one on Google, you’re going to need to first start off with a video. It could be casual just like this, or you can do something a little bit more polished and professional and edited with music, as long as it’s not some cheeseball video that you had done on Fiverr. Actually care about what’s in this video. So if you’re introducing your prospects to a new process or you’re trying to show them how you solve a problem, I think it’s more important to focus exclusively on what’s in it for the end user than it is to talk about you at this particular moment.

Now once you have the prospect engaged in this video or with the headlines you have in your body copy throughout the web page, then you can start to introduce how you solve those challenges. So for example, this piece is how to get any page ranked number one on Google… I’m going to give you a downloadable.

Add VALUE with downloadables

Little tips on how you can implement your own strategy and utilize the things I’m teaching you right now to rank your page number one on Google. And I’m not even going to ask for email address. It’s going to be a free PDF. You don’t have to put in your email address. It’s just there.

Wanna rank #1 on google?

Who is your ideal client and what do they need?

Consider the type of person that’s going to be coming to this page. A lot of the times it’s marketers that are going to be doing the search, how to rank any page number one on Google. But you’ll also have the really curious CEOs that are maybe the smaller companies, maybe a little bit bigger, that are going to be using that search phrase to find this web page. As a CEO, I don’t want to read fucking thousands of words of content. I want to be able to skim through and see what I want to see and get to the actual meat and potatoes of what I want and make a decision whether or not I want to. Read more at that point or see that there’s a guide associated with this page showing me how to do this stuff so I can then give it to somebody at my office so they can try to implement, or they can call an agency like CMDS and hire us to actually do the work for them.

So I like providing summarizations of the articles and the time to read. You as an end user will now know how long it’s going to take to read the article associated with this blog post on how to rank any page number one on Google. Now if you noticed, I’ve used that headline a few times throughout this blog post, which is helping this blog rank number one on google and I’m integrating a video that’s optimized into this blog post.

So the keyword density and frequency of the key phrase is going to be applicable, and everything I’m talking about around it is going to be applicable.

Images! Good ones that mean something, dude…

So now if a CEO is using that search phrase… how to rank any page number one on Google, what else is important to them? I like seeing short and sweet imagery that I can look at that is going to say “this is what you can do to rank number one on Google”. Or it’s some sort of chart as to what my expectations might be or should be. Right? Because a lot of times people, when they’re trying to get any page ranked number one on Google, expect it to happen overnight. Industry standard used to be three to six months. It can happen relatively quick. So it’s a matter of driving traffic there through social organic posts a little bit.

Submit URLs to the GOOGS!

We still submit the URLs and sitemaps to the google search console as well ( So you take the URL of this blog post and you can even just Google submit site to Google and then Webmaster Tools login will be there. You log in and then you could submit that URL. Or if you’re running a WordPress site, there is a sitemap that gets generated automatically, there should be if you have it set up appropriately, you could just resubmit the sitemap which will tell Google, hey, these are all the pages that exist on the website, take another look and index them.

Submit Site to googe

O.P.P – Other Peoples Pages

As you know, there’s other things out there as well. There’s no reason you can’t include other videos that exist on YouTube of other professionals talking about how to rank any page number one on Google, or if there’s a blueprint or a document or something out there that exists that isn’t you specifically that you feel adds value to the user, feel free to send them there. The idea is that hopefully they still remember your brand name and they come back and they use your company because of the impact you had on them. But the idea is that in this specific case… how to rank any page number one on Google… you’re going to want to reach out to me and my agency specifically because we rank any page, specifically this page number one on Google. So we’ve already built trust and captured mindshare. You’re already thinking, okay, these guys are really good because they ranked this page number one on Google and I want them to rank pages from my company number one on Google.

Buyer Personas… MAKE THEM

So our process starts with a deep dive into understanding who your ideal buyers and shoppers are. So we build out a persona, document outlining a ton of different attributes about the human that’s going to be doing the search to try to find your product and or service. We consider emotional characteristics, we consider job title, age, sex, geographic location, where they’re at in their buyer journey, why are they looking to buy from you, what kind of experience do they have with a previous company, so on and so forth, right? So we can take all these things into consideration and then we write a piece that’s specifically targeting that type of user. And in this instance, if it’s purely just to rank any page number one on Google, we love the idea of doing a video in a form like this, or it could even be a keynote presentation.

Here’s what you should consider:

But remember, it’s about adding value to the user’s visit

So the more value we add, the higher the engagement score and then the higher probability you have to rank your website or web page high on Google because the experience that the user had based on the search phrase they performed was awesome and it was unique. So you can’t spam search engines and have hundreds of people go online and Google this one specific search phrase and click through your website. Google’s a lot smarter than that. It’s actually what they do when they experience your website. There’s a lot of metrics and or demographic information around the types of users that are visiting your website. Google wants to provide the most value to the visitor, so they’re going to do what’s in best interest of the visitor, not in what’s of the best interest of the company that’s trying to sell their product or service.

So it really is about adding value and caring… care about what the experience is, or should be for them so they want to come back. I mean, think about this… How many service-based company websites have you been to and you frequent where you’re like, “I’m going to go back to this site and I’m going to keep going back.” And if you could say one, I’d be surprised, and I’d love to know what website that is. But most web presences are horrible. They suck. Unless it’s a retail brand or Ecommerce brand and you have brand loyalty, and you buy this product often. Or it could be like a blog that is of real interest because of the subject matter. But a service based company rarely delivers and holds the interest of the people that are the ideal clients and or prospects or shoppers.

If you can change that and make the experience a better place, your website a better place, and make the experience a better one for this prospect, the chances of them coming back to your web presence to learn more and or to hire you are a lot greater than your competitors. So I think in general, with all your marketing, it’s about adding value and creating a relationship, a real human relationship with people, and not just always asking for the sale right away that will come. But you have to develop a relationship first. And the way you do that is by building trust and telling them what life will be like after working with you, but also showing that you actually care about them as a human being.

People buy from people, even if it’s a ginormous entity. We have clients that are a billion dollar a year clients. We have clients that are $5 million a year clients, and it’s still the same. The people are still buying from the people within those organizations. And having an emotional connection is extremely important. So if you’re still watching this video on how to rank any page number one on Google, I’ve had an emotional connection with you. You’re connecting with me emotional. So now the stats are that 90% of all buying decisions are made via emotion. That’s tremendous, right? And so when you can engage somebody on emotional level, your ability to get them to make a purchasing decision in your favor skyrockets. So not only will they buy from you, but the 70% that buy from you will spend up to two times more than the average buyer, and they’ll buy twice as more often. They also become very loyal to your brand and become brand ambassadors and advocates. They talk about your brand and they’ll refer you.

So it’s tremendously important to add value, to have this emotional connection with people, to give a shit, because that’s what’s missing in the world today. Everybody just wants a transaction, quick business. But it’s more than that. It’s adding value to the experience that the user has. So they get something out of that, and so that when they’re ready to make a purchasing decision, your brand is synonymous with the offering that you have, and they think of you. So when you’re here trying to figure out how to rank any page number one on Google, I think you’re asking yourself the wrong question. It’s more of how can I add value to my ideal clients and their experience on my website? I’m giving them something that they need and that they craved and that they can then find value out of and then maybe even consider hiring us.

On this page, there’s going to be a form to your right. There’s links all over to contact us, so please feel free to reach out if you’re considering hiring us. I hope that you found value in this video on how to rank any page number one on Google. Honestly, we can do this for you, but we’re going to ask you some tough questions if you reach out to us. And the chances are that’s not really all or specifically what you want, there’s a lot of other things that we can help you with that are really going to move the needle for you. And it’s not just ranking any page number one on Google. So, hope you enjoyed this video, although it was casual and raw, but I just was adding value to your life, and hopefully you feel that way. So thanks so much and catch you soon.

I’m Chris Mulvaney, Ciao for now.

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