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Consumers no longer want to be talked to, they want to be talked with.

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Conversations are happening within your industry at this very moment. Are you listening? Social media is now considered an important extension for your company’s customer service and plays a vital role in protecting your reputation and building brand awareness. To stay on top of these conversations, brands must have a strong social engagement strategy.

Social media is so much more than a great platform to share your message, it’s a powerful engagement opportunity that can elevate brands in the digital space. Sure, it might include posting relevant content that can convert prospects into loyal advocates, but it’s also about listening, building relationships and aligning messages to your brand goals. It’s not just about listening, but knowing how to listen.

Our team of marketing strategists, social media managers, copywriters and designers will help you cultivate the voice of your brand, draw on the emotions of your target consumer and drive meaningful social engagement. At the end of the day, you will gain a better insight into what your customers really want, and how to leverage it into a mutually positive relationship for the future.

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Did You Know?

92% of senior executives say social media is influential in their purchasing decisions.

Source Forbes

Listen. Really Listen. And then Respond.

Customer journeys are emotional journeys. Good or bad, people are going to comment, question and review. If people are taking time from their day to interact with your brand, you have to be ready to respond quickly and in a meaningful way. That’s the easy part. In addition to monitoring and replying to questions, comments and concerns, social listening is built around finding key insights from conversations about your brand that can be used to build your overall strategy further.

So much more than dealing with one-off issues, social listening is about spotting the bigger trends. It’s the key to an effective social engagement strategy. By tracking who’s saying what about your brand through keyword monitoring, CMDS will give you the tools you need to leverage these insights to uncover new opportunities.

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Did You Know?

83% of B2B marketers say that social media is the tactic their organizations use most.

Source Content Marketing Institute

Our Process Who. What. When. Where. Why.

Brand challenges are related to human challenges. And, humans are a complicated bunch. We take the time to truly understand who your audience is by digging into what they need, when they need it, where they’re spending their time and why.


By unlocking your audience’s needs and desires, you can address their biggest fears, their urgent needs, their burning desires… all the reasons they might be looking for you. Then, we’ll craft strategic messages around it. We look at the demographics and psychographics of your audience and also use influencer marketing to identify and forge key brand ambassador relationships.

What You Get: 360-degree knowledge of who your audience is – and isn’t – and a clear way to talk to them


Social strategy begins with humanity first. To reach customers in the most cost-effective way, it’s necessary to understand what their needs, emotions and aspirations are – things they may or may not be able to express. Through extensive industry research and innovative psychology principles, we strategize what platforms will work best for your brand, how to mix organic initiatives and paid campaigns and then design the experiences that elicit desired behaviors.

What You Get: Understanding about the type of content your customers respond to AND the most strategic way to deliver it


Insights help you see data on your audience: age, geographics, and timing of when they’re online. We love data. It helps us see what’s working and what’s not. Constantly refining processes, split-testing images, call-to-action copy and audience segmentation, we have the in-house capabilities to ensure you’re constantly getting the highest level of engagement.

What You Get: Precision timing for your ad campaigns based on a knowledge of when your customers are most likely to be receptive and responsive


Do you know where your audience is spending their time? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat or Instagram, by identifying the right platforms, you can find your audience. But, we realize every brand has different objectives, which is why every strategy is completely customized to determine where your brand needs to be. Whether you need to make more sales, build brand awareness or drive traffic to your website, our in-house team of social engagement strategy experts develop a customized channel strategy that delivers the most impact. It’s not about finding where the biggest audience is, it’s about finding where the right audience is.

What You Get: Digital mapping of your audiences’ online habitats, so you can focus your efforts in the right spot


Why is your brand more fascinating than the competition? Selling value, not just products and services, is a necessary tool in today’s competitive landscape. Unique selling proposition is about identifying why your brand is different (rather, better) than the competition, why someone should buy from you and the core beliefs that guide you. We fully embody your brand’s voice by digging into your backstory, finding out how you work, play and interact with the community and embracing your authentic why.

What You Get: A full, detailed understanding of your brand’s differentiators and the ability to convey this clearly and effectively to your potential customers

Connect. Amplify. Engage.

Here’s the big secret: Social engagement provides lasting benefits, but it also requires a serious investment: your time. Many brands (like yours) want to move ahead on social, but feel overwhelmed with where to start. We can help you. Whether you’re starting from scratch or you’re in need of a social engagement renovation, we’ll help you stand out and stay connected.

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Social Engagement Strategy Common Questions and Answers

Social media keeps shaking up the way brands connect with customers. But it doesn’t have to be a complicated task. Skim through the common questions below and then give us a call us at (732) 706-5555 to talk through any other questions.

Social engagement strategy is the broad term that encompasses everything about how a brand interacts with its audience. This can include:

  • Developing a persona
  • Deciding on how to respond to both fans and trolls
  • Digesting conversations and relaying that information into further uses such as content and additional social media topics, new products or services, or heading off potential problems
  • Determining the who, what, where, why and when of your social audience and how to best utilize this data for your marketing purposes

Yes. Everybody loves to feel heard. Once your audience realizes that you’re listening, you’ll immediately start to strengthen relationships, loyalty and trust. Wait too long to respond and your prospects and customers will turn to someone who is listening and responding (your competitors). Since social media gives you a front row seat to chatter about your brand, listening and responding has never been easier. If you don’t have the resources in-house to be reliably responsive, using an external social media consultant is essential.

Credibility will be zeroed out without constant listening and responding. Direct correspondence is only half the battle. We constantly search Google Alerts, social mentions and hashtags, not just for your brand name, but also your competitor’s, industry terms and keywords that your customers would use.

Since hashtags are basically a social version of a keyword, they’re extremely useful to help brands get found, especially since social platforms are starting to look and act more and more like search engines. While they can be fun to use, they do require a strategy. Hashtags only get the job done if someone is looking for them. We analyze the most relevant hashtags for your brand based on consumer interactions.

Additionally, whether it is Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, all social platforms have their own requirements. We let you know the top trends to see what all the buzz is about to listen, interact and respond – so you are talking about the right content in the right place to the right people.

Social media is one of the few places where you can actually express your brand voice, communicate with customers and showcase your personality. It’s easier to measure exact ROI on social media advertising and PPC campaigns, while organic engagement tend to be more difficult to prove right away. Think of it more like a branding initiative, much like your business card, social media engagement is critical for businesses in all industries.


We’re not just a social media agency, we help brands develop a more holistic strategy to drive business growth. While social strategies are a very important part of that mix, we take what we learn from other marketing tactics and infuse that into social. Likewise, we take what we learn from social and use that for other initiatives to make the most impact. We make sure you leave the table not just with the results you are looking for, but a better knowledge of your brand and your customers - and how to strategically engage with them in the future. We’re a total package. Call us at (732) 706-5555 to get started.

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