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Seamlessly Integrating Traditional & Digital Strategies

Encompassing traditional and digital strategies, well-rounded media buying and planning services includes outlets such as TV commercials, radio, print ads, billboards, online magazines, sponsored social media posts, and more. But, integrating the right strategy and negotiations can be a very confusing process…that’s why we’re here.

We’re in the business of growing your business. With extensive media buying experience across the full spectrum of traditional and digital, the experts at CMDS have the inside scoop on where to most efficiently source inventory for our clients. Combine this with our creative and strategic thinking and you’re sure to find the best media marketing mix that fits your goals and your budget.

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Every medium has its place for your brand. At the end of the day, you need to reach the right person, at the right time, with the right message. And, depending on what those “rights” are for your brand at this moment, your media mix will always evolve.

Eliminate the Expensive Learning Curve

Marketing works by repetition. Consumers usually need to be exposed to a brand more than 4 times before they take action. Repetition = Recognition. But, since the media buying landscape is changing at a rapid pace, how do you even start to determine which media outlet is best without being inundated with an expensive learning curve?

At CMDS, we put mechanisms in place to analyze and track everything. Everything. Rather than throwing money at it and hope something sticks, we know how to analyze reach, gauge success and measure efforts to ensure our clients achieve a positive ROI. Seriously, we geek out on this kind of stuff. Utilizing our vast industry experience and network of valuable resources, CMDS’ marketing experts understand the vital importance of staying current on today’s top trends and know how to anticipate (and reach) your audience’s needs.

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"Nobody counts the number of ads you run; they just remember the impression you make."

Source William Bernbach

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Powerful Advertisements In a Powerful Space

CMDS speaks marketing in all its forms. We have media buying experience with:

Television- TV and cable advertising allows brands to reach a large demographic audience and establish a presence without delay. As a great way to introduce new products or services very quickly, it’s not just for the corporate giants with big budgets anymore. Combine a creative commercial with stellar placement and your TV message can become an affordable medium, with a solid ROI for any sized budget.

In a world where individuals are spending more time on social media, traditional TV, especially local news, is still a popular medium for advertisers.

Product Placement Advertising- Whenever you see a product appear in a TV show or local news, the company behind it has usually paid for their brand to appear on screen. Different from an explicit ad, product placement or embedded advertising, is the promotion of a product or service that subtlety appears within the context of TV shows, movies, even news and video games.

Radio- Radio advertising can offer added value through repeat promotional opportunities, often more cost effective than other media. This repetition builds awareness which is a key component to gain market share. Whether it’s running a commercial, sampling your product on air or sponsoring a radio competition, radio delivers a personalized message, full of emotion opportunity, to influence today’s busy market.

Most individuals store sound in their memory more effectively than the text.

Digital Media Advertising- While traditional media advertising, such as radio and television, are still important forms of marketing, the internet has obviously opened up a vast opportunity for brands. Media buying on the internet can include: floating or fixed ads, pop-up or pop-under videos, smaller wallpaper ads that blend in the background, social media advertising, website banners and affiliate marketing. With so many options available today, brands are bound to find the perfect fit to meet business goals and reach the right audience.

Outdoor- Even in today’s digital age, outdoor advertising is still effective. Reaching an audience 24/7, the right message in the right place is a great way to reach specific audiences by neighborhood and provide broad coverage. From local billboard and bus stops to ferry boats and scooter dudes, we’ve got ya covered with 24/7 exposure.

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FAQ on Media Buying and Planning Services

Wondering how to maximize your spend and get the most value out of media buying? We’re here to help.

Building a brand is about building awareness. As a multi-platform media buying and planning services agency, the experts at CMDS help brands reach the right people, in the right place…at the right time.

Like all of our strategies, our media buying and planning process is built on a foundation of data to develop informed decisions on advertising mediums that work.

Media planning and buying begins the same way as the rest of our services. Through our process, we gather serious intel about your business—a deep understanding of audience’s motivators and challenges, as well as insight on your competition. This gives us what we need to get in sync with goals, create customized media strategies that reach key influencers, reinforce brand voice and establish profitable connections with leads.

Then, using performance data, we track metrics, such as phone numbers, across all media channels to find out which ones are producing the most amount of leads. This helps us shift marketing dollars to placements that are producing the best results.

We’re trailblazers in the rapidly changing landscape of digital marketing. CMDS represents clients in a wide range of industries and of all sizes. We are a seriously creative bunch, but we’re grounded in data-driven strategies because our client’s bottom line is always our focal point. Also, since we have good, deep relationships with a lot of media outlets, we are able to work out better pricing, negotiate extra add-ons and leverage additional press.

And guess what? We pass along those savings to our clients.

At CMDS, we only charge for our services; never taking a markup on media. Cost per project will depend on what services are utilized, such as creating advertisements, running them through co-op programs, writing scripts for radio advertising, etc.

We know how to ask all the right questions to help you determine the most effective and efficient media opportunities and ensure the best spot for the best price. Plus, we’ll help you make sense of all your options along the way. Collaborate with the media buying pros at CMDS to help move your brand to the front of the pack.

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At CMDS, our proven media buying strategies ensure smooth, successful campaigns for our clients. Give us a call today at 732-706-5555. You’ll be glad you did!

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