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Using WordPress For Pharmaceutical Company Website Development

Let’s face it…the actual development of a website always seems to get shortchanged when it comes to time allotted. While creative and copy can take months, sometimes years to build out and perfect on a new pharmaceutical company website development project, the actual site development seems to get the shortest timeline. Although a shortened timeline is not ideal, our pharmaceutical company website development agency is able to deploy sites quickly because of how we’ve been able to utilize the extendability of the WordPress CMS framework. As time progresses, we see more pharmaceutical brands moving towards WordPress. And with some of the enhancements we’ve built, we’ve been able to accomplish some amazing things – in a pretty impressive amount of time.

1. 100% Dynamic

In most cases, there are both Patient and Healthcare Professional sections of a pharmaceutical product or drug website. By utilizing our framework, we can create unlimited audiences and indications and have them deployed or removed easily. This makes the framework usable for future brands within the same corporate umbrella. Additionally, creating versions for other countries becomes quicker and easier to manage. We also have the ability to fully control features like interstitial popups, create charts, change color schemes per audience and easily implement SEO tags. Finally, we like to avoid using plugins and widgets, which means no serialized data or plugin breaks when moving or upgrading the core of WordPress!

2. Less Involvement with Internal IT

We love IT for obvious reasons. With some pharmaceutical companies, IT has to implement all of the file deployment for websites. However, the process of pushing files through an IT department can take more time than you have allotted to the brand’s development timeline. By utilizing the robust framework we’ve developed, we’ve streamlined the update process and added flexibility by using a global feature set. Essentially, when working with us, pharmaceutical brand managers, agencies and IT can deploy any change through the CMS instead of via FTP. This makes updating your pharma site easy, fast and cost-effective. Turning around label updates can be done within a few hours instead of a day or two!

Since 2002, CMDS has been working with pharmaceutical brands and is a leader in the web development space. Because we are a boutique pharma web development agency, we can be nimble and respond quickly without a convoluted process. Our clients benefit from a single point of contact that becomes an extension of the brand. We can even work with the brand’s agency of record on your behalf. All of our work is done in-house, under our own roof, here in New Jersey.

*Disclaimer: For every new pharmaceutical company we acquire, there is an initial framework development process that will incur. Additional builds will require a significantly less investment once the framework has been created. We respect the privacy of our clients and do not reuse any of the code we develop. Once complete, we grant full rights to our code which is only to be used by the entity under agreement.