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Why Every Lawyer Should Have a Blog and Use Social Media

Published Aug 24, 2015

Need Help with Your Law Firm’s Blog (or Blawg)?

Like it or not, technology is intertwined in almost every aspect of our life. Social media has exploded and hundreds of millions of people are using social networking websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to access news and updates 24/7. And business blogs are now the fastest and best source for communicating and connecting with current and prospective clients. Law firm’s blog are no exception. So if your law firm needs a blog, you should consider getting blawging help right away.

Law Blogging: aka Blawging

Regularly writing and posting content to your website has big rewards. Not only does a blog (or blawg) allow small businesses, such as law firms, to provide immediate commentary about trending industry topics and position yourself as the leader in your field, but it also crushes the SEO game out of the park! Since search engines love fresh, unique content, it’s important to blog regularly (though will also quality trump quantity) and strategically use keywords, images, links and infographics.

But much like a website, once you build it, you must create a plan of attack to follow-up with leads. Social media networking can be a good way to do that. Here’s how.

Social Media and Law Firms

A recent article on the American Bar Association website asked the question, “How are law firms approaching social media? Just two short years ago, the appropriate law firm response to social media was still being debated. Like any other change in law firm policy or operations, getting to consensus was painful. It’s no secret: Lawyers don’t like change. But times have changed. Given the [recent] trends, engagement with social media has become a functional imperative for all law firms. Lawyers are beginning to realize the potential of social media to market their services, build connections with other lawyers and potential clients, or gather and share information about the law and practice.”

Don’t get us wrong, we know that face-to-face, old-school networking, still matters. But the digital encounters are becoming the new normal and giving law firms an opportunity to build a strong online persona. Your future clients will do their research (probably before they even call); they will Google your law firm name, read your blog posts and check out your social profiles. Wouldn’t you?

Gain Insight and Add Value to Your Business

In a recent Bloomberg BNA article, they shared why attorneys need to integrate blogging and social media into their law practices. “Gone are the days of pagers, faxes and pay phones, and forget about sharing files on floppy disks or presentations using slide projectors. Today, smart technology and mobile devices feature in every aspect of our lives — work, family, entertainment, social activities and financial transactions, while social media platforms are helping us grow our networks and stay connected in ways we could never have imagined even a decade ago.”

“As society becomes more connected and business becomes increasingly global, enabled by technology, clients want and need more from their law firms.” Social media allows attorneys to engage and connect with clients in real time. It allows them to gain more insights on how they can add more value to their clients, to their business and their experiences.

Create New Ways of Communicating with Clients

These social platforms are transforming every industry (not just law firms, but also HVAC companies, Real Estate, medical care centers and more). Expert information and ideas are shared faster than ever before and creating new ways of communicating with clients and customers and doing business.

And guess what? Your competition is already doing it (but we can help you do it better).

Creating content on blogs and then sharing it through social media is important for client retention and business development; if you care about real profits, this is a must. Check out our recent post, “Top 7 Secrets to Building Your Company’s Blog Audience [INFOGRAPHIC]” to get the inside scoop on maximizing your digital storyboard and how you can bring to life online what makes you unique.

Blawg and Get Social with CMDS

Overwhelmed by the thought of keeping your blogs interesting, posting often and maximizing SEO…then sharing it on social media? Not to worry, that’s why we’re here! Our copywriting and marketing professionals know the ins and outs to maximizing results for your law firm’s digital marketing efforts. Whether it’s producing relevant articles for your website or managing your social media accounts, contact our team today to make your words count at 732-706-5555.

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