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Internet Marketing Services Company Shows Benefits of Outsourcing

Published Mar 3, 2011

Virtually all businesses will have the internal struggle to keep business components inhouse or outsource them to an agency. While many tasks are best kept inhouse, there is a growing trend in the industry to use trusted companies to streamline business and focus on revenue generating activities such as sales and customer retention.

Marketing online is an ideal facet to outsource with a proven full marketing solutions company. One tantamount argument is you get to remain hands off the process while your marketing tasks are still accomplished which frees up valuable time to actually do what you do best – run your business. Wearing too many hats can cause you to become a jack of all trades and master of none, while your sales and marketing suffer.

ROI. Companies are beginning to realize it’s simply cheaper to use an outside agency to manage the budget. When outsourcing you don’t have to directly cover any one particular persons salary and are able to reap the benefits of the extra wages in the form of services provided. Alternatively if you attempt to keep this service inhouse, you have to train a new employee, or hire one. This person would then either need a budget and the know how equivalent to the entire Internet Marketing Services company, as well as loyalty to the company.

“We have seen a paradigm shift in how businesses are approaching online marketing. At first companies tried to keep everything inhouse to maximize profit, but soon realized they had to pay salaries as well as additional budget funds just for results. CMDS Online has been around for over a decade and immediately helps these companies from worrying about training, budget allocation, and results. There’s a reason your landscaper isn’t also your lawyer. Sometimes its best to keep things separate, streamlined and accountable, and that’s what providing a great marketing plan is all about.” – Chris Mulvaney CEO CMDS

Loyalty. With employees spending less time on average at their respective companies it’s also a huge risk and investment for companies to hire a single employee or even group to manage their tasks. What happens when these employees leave? They leave their knowledge as well as marketing plans in limbo.

Many hands make light work. This old Chinese proverb is cliché but a trenchant reminder of the power behind numbers. Keeping services inhouse means relying on one or two individuals for your marketing needs. By outsourcing to an agency you can leverage a dozen people to the previous two without incurring additional costs due to their assembly line systematic approach to marketing.

The industrial revolution was a harbinger of things to come. Companies attempting to literally do everything were quickly replaced with the mindset of specializations, assembly lines, and synergies. This is a fundamental principle followed by business leaders today. Simply do what you do best, and outsource the rest to someone or an internet marketing services agency that can do it better. There are less costs associated and more value. It’s the ultimate version of the free market system that is a tried and true method.

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