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Meet: Instagram Nametag. It’s the brand new Insta feature…and we’re loving it!

What is the New Instagram Nametag Feature?

Instagram Nametag is a unique identification card that allows users to find and follow other users on Instagram. Instagram’s latest feature allows users to create a fun tag that anyone can scan and follow without having to type in a username. And since it’s a customizable feature, users can design their Nametag with different colors, selfies and emojis to make it their own.

“To scan someone’s nametag, you can either swipe right into the camera, hover over the nametag and hold down on your screen, or enter the camera by tapping ‘Scan a nametag’ when viewing your own.”


How Can Businesses Use The New Instagram Nametag Feature To Grow Their Following?

Similar to the Snapchat code, the Instagram Nametag was designed to make it easier for users and businesses, like yours, to gain new followers and promote themselves visually.

The opportunities are #instagood. If you work it into digital marketing and print marketing strategies, you’ll be surprised how quickly you can grow your following.

How To Set Up Instagram Nametag

Instagram NametagReady for your nametag? Here’s what you need to know about setting up your very own Instagram Nametag and how the feature will benefit your business.

Step 1. Update Instagram

If you open Instagram and you don’t see the new feature, double check that the app is updated. You may need to visit the app store to update it manually.

Step 2. Look for the Square

Once your app is updated, scroll to the top of your own Instagram profile where the icons sit or click on the three-line hamburger on the right to open up more options.

The icon for the new Instagram Nametag feature kind of looks like a soft square with a broken frame around the outside. Click that icon to get started!

Step 3. Get Creative

When you click on the icon, you’ll notice a few style options come up. You can change the emoji background, take a selfie (and even add different stickers by tapping on the glasses) and change the color background (similar to Stories).

Keep in mind that your Instagram Nametag can be changed at anytim

Instagram Nametag

e, so don’t stress out about getting it set up perfectly. However, if you decide to print your nametag on marketing materials, it’s a good idea to keep things consistent.

Step 4. Grow Your Following

The whole idea of Instagram’s new feature is to help users gain more Instagram Followers easier than trying to type the username of someone you just met.

This is especially helpful for those with long, odd or complicated usernames (we’re talking to you, full stops and underscores!).

We’ll high-five to that!

Once your business has created your Instagram Nametag, take a screenshot of your unique nametag and share it wherever you see fit! The promotion opportunities are endless:

  • Post it on other social media networks like Facebook and LinkedIn;
  • Print it on a poster, flyer or business card;
  • Post it to your website;
  • Use it at conferences and other pop-up marketing events;
  • Add it to your email or newsletter signature;
  • And if you really want, tattoo it on your arm.

We can’t wait to see what Instagram Nametag design you come up with! Share it and tag us @cmdsonline.