7 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Website Design Company

We realize that investing in a website is a critical decision in your marketing efforts. Your website is basically representing your business’ store-front, it’s not just some project. A successful website is your biggest marketing investment, responsible for the lion’s share of customer acquisition and lead generation, branding and marketing campaigns, and information distribution. With so much riding on your website, doing due diligence on the web design agency you choose is critical. Read through the following to help you assess your next website design company and avoid potential common mistakes (such as hiring your neighbor’s teen to do the website).

  1. Things to Consider Before Hiring a Web Design CompanyResearch the Company. A proven track record with stats and testimonials to back it up is important. You should be confident that you can trust the team to produce the best results for your business. Ask for case studies, specific data, and references.
  2. Meet them in Person. You’re buying professional services, meet face to face with the team of experts who will be responsible for putting in the time to brainstorm, design and develop your website. Simply put, meet the humans who will be responsible for the success of your company’s website and make sure they “get” your company and what you are looking for your site to do.
  3. Understand their Core Services. What can the company provide for your project? From planning, design & development, marketing and social media management, are they comprehensively qualified? Do they have the bandwidth and necessary skills to fulfill their promise?
  4. Find out Credentials. Entrust your business to a respected professional who is recognized as an industry leader. Ask them about their credentials and qualifications. Look at examples of their previous work as well as their own site. Are they doing what they preach?
  5. Discuss your Needs. Is your business in need of an entire branding overhaul or simply converting your outdated website to a mobile-friendly, responsive website? Discuss your website needs and talk about the details for each before making your decision. Make sure the website design company you choose offers specific, relevant suggestions that incorporate your objectives and budget.
  6. Get a Contract in Writing. Know how the services are structured and how the project timeline will be managed.
  7. Understand Strategies Involved. The company you hire to design and develop your website should be just as focused on generating revenue for your website as you are. Their results-oriented strategies need to be in line with your business’ goals. If your main website objective is lead-generation, for example, find out what specific front and back-end solutions they propose to achieve your goals. Forms? Call outs? Pop-ups?

Invest In Your Business

Investing in your website by using professional website design company is a smart move for all small businesses. Contact CMDS…we will design your site and deliver top results, too! A responsive and attractive site will help you get more customers and boost ROI. Online presence is a huge part of giving your customers the ultimate shopping experience; so, take a moment to review your site today and see what might need a little refresh. Take the lead with CMDS today.

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