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Responsive Website Design Trends for Luxury Brands

We know that globally, 95% of luxury buyers are digitally connected. We also know that luxury brands, like most brands as we head into 2017, have met and exceeded their mobile tipping point—more visitors come from mobile devices to their sites than from their desktop computers. And since smart marketers go where their audience lives, […]

5 Trends Shaping Your 2017 Digital Marketing Strategy and Budget

Now that 2016 has come and gone it’s time to look ahead and see what opportunities 2017 has awaiting us. Savvy marketers (present company included) are starting to think about what’s new and exciting on the digital marketing horizon for 2017. As we plan our 2017 digital marketing strategy and budget, we study the technologies […]

7 Things to Consider Before Hiring a Website Design Company

We realize that investing in a website is a critical decision in your marketing efforts. Your website is basically representing your business’ store-front, it’s not just some project. A successful website is your biggest marketing investment, responsible for the lion’s share of customer acquisition and lead generation, branding and marketing campaigns, and information distribution. With […]