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Today’s consumers demand services and products that are not only of the highest quality, but also come with a positive and memorable experience. Anything less and you will most definitely hear about it. No doubt about it…customers are harder to please than ever before. And they’re not shy. They’re vocal and ready to spread the word quickly over the internet if things don’t go their way. If brands aren’t careful, they could get burned by mean bloggers and viral posts from brand trolls that could severely damage a once-stellar reputation.

Know the Difference Between Constructive Feedback and Brand Trolls

There is a difference between the constructive feedback and brand trolls- how you handle each one will speak wonders for your business brand. Read any book or blog about customer service and you’ll learn that customer complaints are actually valuable sources of feedback that can be used to improve your business’ offerings. And we couldn’t agree more. Even though criticism isn’t exactly fun (yea, it stings, it cuts like a knife sometimes), we have to remember that it’s a huge part of shaping and making a business better.

But then there’s the haters, the spammers…the internet trolls. Internet brand trolls are an entirely different breed. If you’re not careful, they can get way out of hand and waste a LOT of your time and energy.

The difference between trolls and constructive feedback is that brand trolls have no valid reason for being angry with you and their comment often isn’t even true. Sometimes, you’ll find that their directive is to tear your brand down in effort to promote a competing service.

They can be tricky little boogers, but luckily, there’s a way to deal with them and save your sanity.

Know How to React

Analyze the feedback and determine the source of the comment (constructive feedback or spam). If it’s constructive criticism, you need to respond positively. Adding more negativity to the already fired-up conversation will just lead to a public fight which will only reflect poorly on your brand’s image. Stand your ground, know what you stand for and what you will and won’t compromise on before you respond, but do it with a smile.

But if it’s a brand troll, don’t get caught up in their ugly bait; instead, it’s actually best not to respond at all. Ignore them, remove them and move on. Trolls want attention, so if they’re not getting it, they’ll eventually get bored and move on, too.

Create Strong Bonds with Customers

When you add emotional value through your communication style, humanize your brand with authenticity and focus on building relationships, you’re not just creating a strong bond with your customers, you’re positioning yourself to stand strong against trolls, too. Not to mention leapfrogging competitors! So, let the haters hate- stand for what you believe in and invest in your brand.

Focus On Your Brand (Ignore the Brand Trolls)

A brand that is strategically defined will build loyal customers and trusting relationships– these are the people you want to spend your time and energy with, not the brand trolls. Use this as an opportunity to define your brand voice and a recognizable style of customer service that reinforces your values every time you interact and respond to customers online.

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