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2012 Where Will Marketers Spend Their Money?

Published Dec 12, 2011

Improved ROI, Low Cost – Thanks SEO!

How will you spend your marketing dollars in 2012? If you are in-line with Fortune 500 companies, then your spending will shift to social media, SEO, an increase in funding for your email marketing campaigns and the addition of mobile marketing. Does this mean abandon your print marketing and direct mail completely? That answer will depend on how your 2010-11 numbers have been doing. If print and direct mail have been working, then keep them, but by 2013 you may feel a little left behind as these methods are being antiquated by a push to all-web-campaigns. Low cost, maximize results; that’s what internet-based marketing campaigns provide and that means tighter cost control, improved ROI and increased efficiency.

SEO and Mobile SEO is King

What will be the driving trends in 2012? In this tumultuous economy, consumers now treat the internet as a staple utility and cable television as a luxury. This points to television advertising campaigns dropping and those funds being put into better SEO for online campaigns. The same is true for B2B. If you want to reach someone nowadays, the best way to do that is through online means. Websites, emails, texts; they reach your customers in their home, their car, and the office. Web-based campaigns also produce faster results that are easy to quantify directly.

In 2012 more advertising dollars will be spent on social media marketing than ever before. Why social? The biggest reason for increasing social media marketing budgets is the near eradication of lost opportunities. The internet is on 24/7 and if you are a B2C or B2B, your customers are online. With the right SEO, web presence and social media campaign, your customers will always be able to find you or find out about you. No other type of marketing makes that possible.

Proven Results? Yes, Please.

Expanding social media and digital marketing in 2012 means ditching print and spending on amazing SEO – this means SEO with proven results. This means, not SEO that is from a fly-by-night, but from a professional SEO company that knows how to integrate SEO with social media and has developed strategies that produce measurable ROI, increased traffic and lead generation. Marketers are aligning their objectives and allocating their dollars with high powered SEO because social marketing and SEO have become so tightly woven that they are now inseparable.

Print marketing is nearly extinct and with new marketing tactics in mobile search and organic placement, SEO has become the new go-to venue. In-house SEO can no longer sustain the demand in 2012. Only a professional SEO business has the ability to execute the mid-sized and large-scale campaigns that will be needed to compete in the upcoming year. If there was any question of how much to allocate to SEO, web and social media, then a good guide would be over 50% for 2012 and 15% more than that in 2013 with the addition of video campaigns.

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