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Beginner’s Guide to Marketing on Twitter

The Wall Street Journal reports that Twitter users sent more than 500 million tweets per day in 2014. The social network’s annual round-up revealed the most influential and popular tweets of the year including Ellen DeGeneres’ tweet receiving 3,345,776 retweets and 2,021,703 favorites! For most of us though (who aren’t @TheEllenShow, @katyperry or @justinbieber), tweeting our daily news and updates can get lost in the Twittersphere feed. We can help with that.

Know Your Twittersphere

Also called “Twitosphere” and “Twitterverse”, simply understanding how Twitter works can help your business get more attention in 140 characters or less. This wildly popular microblogging service has gone far beyond the question: “What are you doing,” and is used to share stories, photos, promote content, break news and so much more for professionals. Take these 15 Twitter marketing tips (each under 140 characters, btw) into consideration to spread the most awareness for your brand, generate leads and drive traffic to your site (and stand out among the rest):

15 Easy Tips for Businesses to Get the Most Out of Twitter

1. Learn the lingo. RT, @, #, DM…Get up to speed with Twitter’s language. They even have their own glossary!
2. Know who you’re talking to. Speak to the audience of the community and be consistent with your language.
3. Write headliners. Style your tweets as if they’re headlined for a magazine or newspaper to create more buzz.
4. Just ask! If you include words like “pls RT,” you’ll be surprised how much your followers will respond.
5. Hashtag. Increase reach by using trending hashtags to get discovered by those outside of your community.
6. Include links. Establish your reputation by including a link to your website or blog content regularly.
7. Picture it. Tweets with images receive more clicks, more favorites and A LOT more retweets. Twitter actually conducted a study of over 2 million tweets and found that including a photo can boost retweets by up to 35% and adding a video can result in a 28% boost.
8. Get connected. Find other people to follow in your field and take notice of what type of tweets generate the most response.
9. Manners matter. Be polite and thank your followers for following you. Acknowledge those who mention you or retweet a post. Follow back.
10. It’s not always about you. Be sure to share valuable content, linking to other articles, sharing quotes, relevant news and tips.
11. Think Ahead. Even in this real-time marketing platform, make a calendar of major events relevant to your audience’s culture.
12. Stay organized. Create lists under your profile to check into specific conversations easier as your networks build.
13. Post regularly. Consistency is key. Post multiple times a day and reply to what others are saying about you.
14. And then post again…and again. Sharing content more than once is critical to get noticed. Don’t be shy about posting multiple times.
On average, your second post of a piece of content can receive up to 85% more engagement as the first time it was tweeted.
15. …but know when to post. Lunchtime generally gets the most exposure, but it’s best to check analytics for your own top times.

CMDS Social Media Marketing Agency

Social platforms are always evolving and you don’t want to miss out on precious engagement opportunities and get lost in the dark. Whether you’re posting, tweeting, sharing or liking, it’s an important extension of your business. Shake things up and optimize your businesses marketing results by doing it right with the social media marketing professionals at CMDS. If you are looking for help building your social media marketing strategy, contact the Twitter marketing specialists at CMDS at 732-706-5555 or emailing