Don’t Just Tell Clients About Your Services – Show Them.

Beautiful video inspires and engages.

Video has become one of the easiest ways to convey your services to clients and prospective buyers. Engaging, interactive video speaks volumes about your brand and can do what content can’t – leave a lasting visual impression with your target audience. Let video represent your brand and make your buyers more informed about your offerings.

Video shooting.

Clients engage CMDS to shoot video for projects of any size. Whether you want to capture client testimonials or create talking-head tutorial videos, CMDS’ experienced team of videography professionals can walk you through the process, recommend the best setting, and capture the video your site needs. Our team uses high-quality HD cameras for gorgeous results that keep your client’s attention.

Live event filming.

Have a seminar or event that you’d like to capture? Work with CMDS to record the entire event, including all speaker audio and presentations. Our team works with businesses and speakers who wish to capture their events for use in future promotional campaigns or internal training sessions.

Video editing.

Now that you’ve got your footage, you’ll need a creative eye to pull it all together. Our team of experienced videography professionals love to edit and make your message pop on the screen. We work closely with our clients to ensure their goals are achieved and their message is disseminated through powerful video.

Video animation.

Add an extra element to your video with animation services. When your video needs to extend beyond titles and simple font treatment, CMDS can work with your company to create amazing animations and effects that truly look professional and exceed your client’s expectations. Video animation helps to make your video more impactful and increases the perceived value of your brand.


CMDS works with top voiceover talent to create the voice for your video. Based on your goals and how you want to engage your audience, CMDS can recommend the type of voice, rate of reading, and other variables that help solidify your message just by listening to the video.

Talk with CMDS today about how your business can utilize video.