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How PPC Marketing Can Build Brand Awareness

Do you use PPC marketing to promote your business? You should. And here’s why. Your customers are looking for solutions on search engines, like Google. You’ve probably heard that you need to show up on one of the top five pages of search results because people rarely click on the results beyond the fifth page […]

A Small Business’ Guide to PPC Marketing

Although PPC marketing isn’t new, we understand that as a small business, paid digital advertising may be new to you. Maybe you feel comfortable just printing ads and sending out a direct mailer (that’s OK, too). But considering that about 70 percent of Americans now regularly buy products online, you simply cannot miss out on […]

Mobile SEM: Are You Missing Out on Conversions?

Optimizing Mobile Marketing Campaigns Mobile ad strategies are critical to the success of your marketing plan. Without a specific, detailed strategy in place, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity. To no surprise, your business’ target audience (along with the rest of the world) is spending more time on their smart phones. According […]