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Inside View: Tips Content Creation Agencies Won’t Tell You

Read Time 9 mins Published May 16, 2022

Are you new to content creation and don’t know where to start? Or are you an experienced professional looking to create fresh content? Moreover, are you not sure about what type of content is the best to make for social media?

Content creation agencies know what type of posts to make, the best times to post, and how to tackle the ever-changing algorithms, but they generally keep that information to themselves. We’re here to break the mold and give you the tips that content creation agencies won’t tell you.

Why? Because knowing what type of content your brand needs to create in 2022 is vital. When you think about all of the competitors you have out there, standing out has never been more important.

The faster you can get potential clients to only follow you and consume your content, the better.

You might know exactly why you should focus so much on content for social media, and we get it. It’s a lot of daily work you have to do if you want to be recognized.

What if we told you that 82% of people in the US who use the internet are also on social media? That’s a LOT of people you might be losing out on when you choose not to create content for social media when you really should.

When you also factor in that by 2023 there will be at least 257 million users on social media, you start seeing how important social media truly is.

By writing this article, we wanted to help you understand everything about content creation for social media and how you can take advantage of it. Take notes. This is good stuff you’ll not want to miss.

What is Content Creation

What is Content Creation

Content creation is when you brainstorm topics and ideas that will attract your target persona and make them interested in what you have to say. The type of content varied and it doesn’t follow a particular rule, which actually makes it easier to create unique content for your brand.

That sounds good and all, but why is content creation important in the first place? Well, consumers don’t usually follow brands and like them out of the blue. There is usually a reason why those to do so.

This is why content creation is so important. When you create content for your brand, you’re generally explaining or teaching something to users on social media. If they like your content and the way you present it, there is a very good chance they’ll follow you.

A social media content creator checks the quality of a post he created on his phone.

While this may not increase your sales immediately, it makes it easier to show them WHY they need the product you offer.

The return on investment (ROI) is amazing when you consider the work you have to put in to create content.

This is why content marketing is crucial for brands in 2022. Also, brands that have a good content marketing strategy get three times more leads than by using a traditional marketing strategy alone. So, it’s clear why you need it.

Did you know the cost of creating and maintaining a content marketing strategy is 62% less than a traditional marketing strategy? This means you don’t need a massive budget to get a social media content creation strategy working.

When done right, content creation for social media can get your brand noticed by thousands, if not millions, of users worldwide.

But that’s the issue, right? How is content creation done right? What does it look like? How can you recreate it? There are lots of questions you probably have, and this article will hopefully guide you through it.

As a content creation agency, we know how to create the best content for your social media accounts. That being said, instead of keeping that knowledge to ourselves, we’ll show you the tools needed to create it yourself.

The first thing you need to know when you think about content creation is the type of content you plan to make.

You can’t really wing it when it comes to the type of content you want to make because your content will change depending on how you use it.

We’re going to show you the top three types of content that do well on social media and explain why they work.

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Content That Does Well On Social Media

Content That Does Well On Social Media

The beauty of content creation is that you don’t have to settle for a simple image post for your social media. There are thousands of different ways you can create your content so it’s as interesting as it can be.

Let’s look at some of the types of tips and tricks that all the best content creation agencies should know in 2022.

Short Form Videos

As the name suggests, it’s a short video you can upload to any social media platform. The goal of short-form videos is to hook people in and get them to watch all of it.

Since it’s short, people usually won’t mind sticking around, especially if you make it interesting.

We’re sure you’ve seen a lot of short videos that promise to give you something at the end. It can be a code, a fact, a link, or anything else. These types of videos are a great way to get potential clients to check your website, or to provide users with a discount for a product on your site.

This entices them to check your website and learn more about your brand as a whole.

The best thing about short-form videos is that they don’t take too long to make. This obviously isn’t the case with a ten-minute video that you would make for YouTube.

This means you can create a lot more short videos and use them more regularly. You can even use features, like Instagram Reels, and post your short-form videos there, as long as you follow the required aspect ratio.

A content creation agency understands the importance of short-form videos. They also know that thinking outside the box is instrumental when creating content that stands out. This is why they innovate and aren’t afraid to take risks.

Creativity is your best friend when it comes to creating videos. You want to hook your audience quickly, after all. Never forget that.

Long-Form Videos

These types of videos are made to entertain, inform, or educate people about a specific topic in particular. It can be about your brand, your product, or some of the latest trends.

Long-form videos work because they can explain a lot of things in detail without boring the reader.

With traditional marketing, many marketers think that the best way for them to attract a customer is by writing some long, wordy article about a product. Wrong!

In reality, a lot of people would prefer to learn about your product or service by watching a video.

Great content creation agencies know that being able to blend a product into a video is the best way to get people interested in a brand.

Why? Because you can show what your product does, and then demonstrate how people can use it. This helps people who are in a similar situation to imagine how much better their lives would be if they had your product.

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While a long-format video might take longer to consume than a short-form video, it is still faster than reading a blog post. This means there’s a higher chance the consumer will watch until the end and view all of the content.

Carousel Type Posts

First popularized by Instagram, carousel-type posts are a great way to explain an idea without the use of videos. When made correctly, a carousel-type post can get people hooked.

You could think of carousel type posts as similar to writing a book. There need to be several sections of a book if you want to it to be interesting. You need a specific problem, an epic climax, and finally a solution to the dilemma.

You can hook people by focusing on their problems or pain points. They’re more likely to listen if you can relate to their issue. The “lightbulb moment” is when you show them that you’ve found a solution to their problems. Obviously, the solution is your product or service. When they see you can provide them with a solution, they’ll listen to you with rapt attention.

You can then demonstrate how your product or service will solve their problem quickly.

Carousels take time to do, so be very mindful of that. Remember that you won’t be making only one image, but ten.

The right content creation agencies would take their time and make sure that each slide works perfectly with the next. This is important for content and design.

You’ll often see content creation agencies using gradient designs that start with one color on slide one and end up with another color on slide ten. This makes it a lot more visually appealing for users scrolling through the slides.

These three types of posts are the best when it comes to attracting potential customers and building brand loyalty. While there are other types of posts, these are the ones you should be focusing on the most.

Say that you already know what type of content you’ll create. What can you do to improve on it and make it better and better each time? Let’s talk about some tips that will help your content look amazing.

Tips To Create Spectacular Content

Tips To Create Spectacular Content

Here are some tips to bring your social media content creation game to a whole new level. Remember to take notes so you don’t forget what you’ll be doing!

Have a Unique Voice

While having a unique voice is obvious, it’s a lot easier said than done. A good way to know if the way your brand communicates with your followers is unique is by checking how your competitors do it.

Do you sound similar to your competitor? Would people notice if you posted the exact same post your competitor did on your account?

These questions are a great way for you to notice if you truly have a good and unique voice that followers can recognize.

One final thing you can do is take a competitor’s post and remove their name. Take one of your posts discussing a similar topic and remove your name. Would you be able to tell the difference between the two? Is the wording too similar? We also recommend getting a second opinion.

A woman records herself while sitting in front of a black microphone. She smiles and directs her attention to the camera.

Be On Top Of Trends

We’re not telling you to go and start dancing to the beat of a new Doja Cat song that is trending. But, we do suggest that you check the trends in your industry.

Being one of the first businesses to talk about something important that happened in your industry is a great way for people to notice you and remember your brand.

A content creation agency worth its salt would find a way to incorporate the latest trends into content promoting their products or services.

They would also make sure to watch out for big trends that they can use and capitalize on.

While you do want to use trends, some are just not the right fit for your brand.

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Keep Creating Content

You can learn about content creation and strategies all you want, but at the end of the day, your best way to learn is by practicing.

Nobody, not even content creation agencies, can create amazing posts all the time. Being able to come up with a topic that blows up on social media while being good for your brand is very difficult.

From both the creativity and the design aspect, it’s not easy to create content, especially when you’re starting out.

The best advice we can give you is to create more content and see how it does. Don’t think that your job is done after you posted the content. You still want to know how it performed and how you can make it better next time.

Always try to improve your posts. Listen to feedback from designers and social media marketers, if possible.

And if all of this sounds too complicated, or that it would take too much time out of your day, then hiring a content creation agency might be the best fit for you.

Why? Because a content creation agency knows what to do and will make sure your content is unique and engaging.

 A woman takes notes on ways she can improve her future social media content posts.

Here at CMDS, we know how stressful it can be to create content for your multiple social media platforms while running a business as well. This is why we will create posts that follow a unique social media strategy tailored to your brand.

We can take care of your social media, so can you focus on the areas of your business that need your full attention.

No need to guess how to make a good video or how to improve your content. We already have that knowledge, because we have years of experience and always stay on top of trends. We will make sure your social media accounts grow constantly and that your presence keeps growing.

Creating content for social media is difficult, and we’re here to lift that weight off your shoulders.



Phew! That was quite a bit of information, wasn’t it? We hope you took notes. If not, stay tuned for a quick recap.

First, we talked about what content creation is about and why it’s so important for brands in 2022.

Next, we went through all of the different types of content you can create for your social media accounts.

Finally, we gave you three tips to help you improve your content for social media.

If you have any questions to ask or thoughts to share, feel free to leave them in the comment section below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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