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NJ Tradesmen Now Moving Marketing Efforts Online

Published Mar 30, 2011

Jayeff Construction Management & Development Corp. Taps CMDS to Expand Presence Online and Drive Awareness

Manasquan & Middletown, NJ (March 30, 2011) – Jayeff President Tom Karagianakis knows the power of a well designed and optimized website. So, when his former company Argonaut Builders merged with Jayeff Construction Management & Development Corp. of Manasquan, NJ, he realized the organizations needed help in updating and leveraging their joint experience to grow their business and target customers where they now shop for services…online.

Karagianakis turned to CMDS of Middletown, NJ, which specializes in internet marketing services and web design, to redevelop Jayeff’s website to showcase their experience in working with major national retailers like Sports Authority, Marshalls, Kmart and others.

“Jayeff’s goal is to be more competitive on the Web,” said Karagianakis. “Even old line industries like ours are seeing a shift in the way we do business and land customers. For example, we’re moving away from traditional marketing practices like direct mail and targeting our consumers online.”
Chris Mulvaney, CEO of CMDS notes, “It’s no longer just the tech-savvy companies that are moving their marketing efforts online. Now more traditional businesses like plumbers, electricians and construction companies are looking to promote their businesses and drive traffic to their websites as a result of increasing competition.”

Mulvaney also points out that this is where corporate buyers first go to do their research. “You have to go where they eyeballs are,” said Mulvaney.

Since 2001, CMDS has formulated a successful approach to internet marketing services that incorporates three key elements. The company offers website design to help clients attract customers with a sleek web site that’s striking and engaging.

To get the most out of that website, they offer SEO services to get them ranked high on search engines so they rise to the top and outperform competitors to drive sales.

They are also a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) management company that creates captivating ads that are rich in calls to action.

To date, CMDS has built its business around the consumer packaged goods, real estate, construction and healthcare industries.

About Jayeff Construction:

Jayeff Construction Management & Development Corporation is a nationally recognized construction company. Since 1987, they have built or fit out millions of square feet of space, from single-use tenants to major ‘power center’ developments.

About CMDS:

CMDS is an award-winning full service marketing agency, web design company, and SEO agency dedicated to branding businesses. Headquartered in Middletown, NJ, CMDS has been offering superior services including website design, online advertising, internet marketing services and search engine optimization since 2001. For more information, contact Christopher Mulvaney at (732) 706-5555 or visit the company’s web site at


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