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{What does your website say about you?}

All businesses have a personality, flavor and sensibility of their own. And when it comes to what you put on your website, it needs to be communicated loud and clear. What does your website say about you? Nowadays, it seems a business is instantly judged by its website. Your site is the online face of [...]

{CMDS builds Award Winning Culinary Website and wins 2013 Silver Award from W3 & International Academy of Visual Arts}

Visual Appeal Award for www.ChefIam.com Today CMDS was notified that we have an award winning culinary website under our belt! We’ve won a Silver W3 Award for a dear client’s website – Chef I Am. The site consists of educational videos on food preparation and cooking techniques. For a small monthly fee, you can subscribe [...]

{Web Design Company CMDS Opens Southeast Regional Office}

Middletown, NJ & Tampa, FL (March 30, 2011) – CMDS of Middletown, NJ, which specializes in Internet marketing services and web design, announces the opening of a new southeast regional office, headquartered in Tampa, FL. The office will be managed by Anthony Sole, director of business acquisitions. Sole is a graduate of William Paterson University [...]

{Important Elements of a Search Engine/Sales Friendly Website from a Web Design Company}

After years of research and development, web design company CMDS has decided to formulate a list that will help you to better understand the reasons why some websites are developed a certain way. 1. No Flash Splash Page – Ever go to a website and see an animation on the first page of the site [...]

{B2B & B2C Social Media Tips from a Web Design Company}

There was a time when companies didn't see the benefit of using social media. In fact there was a time when the average person had no idea what Twitter is. However, in the past year or so, celebrities and large corporations have built buzz around social media, drawing masses to the different platforms.

{How a Web Design Company Can Help a Distressed Business}

In today's tough economy, many businesses are suffering and cutting costs wherever possible. While many businesses' first instinct is to cut back on advertising, this is really the time to step up and build an integrated marketing campaign through the assistance of a web design company. How Can a Web Agency, New Jersey Help? A [...]

{Better Business through a Web Design Company}

The Internet has gone from a novelty to a serious place of business over the last decade. For a business to simply develop a website is not enough to be successful and build a clientele online. There are many different nuances related to establishing a web presence and a complete online brand, which is why [...]

{Small Business Budgeting for Web Design Company Expertise}

When an individual develops a small business, there are a dizzying number of different factors and tasks to consider. In addition to all the “establishment ” aspects of the business, it is key to kick off the business' founding with a strong and positive web presence through the help of a web design company.

{Developing Site Goals with a Web Design Company}

Just about every company today should have a website. While that sentence sounds like a straightforward thought, there are a lot of nuances to that notion that need to be considered. One of the biggest considerations should be the goals of the website.

{Website Design Anatomy from a Web Design Company}

An experienced web design company should be able to provide more than a pretty website. They should be experts in the field and understand the complete anatomy of a website and what best practices should be followed to make sure that website is the best is can be for the business.