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{Boost Your Website’s Organic Rankings With an SEO Company in NJ}

Every company needs a website that is reliable and drives business digitally on a daily basis. There are lots of different ways to drive traffic to your website. Strategies like social media, paid search or Pay Per Click (PPC), and remarketing are a few great ways to create traffic and create new and recurring business. [...]

{Market Locally with a NJ Marketing Company}

Local businesses encounter unique challenges, as well as unique opportunities, that nationally-focused marketing agencies may not be able to fully appreciate or properly manage. Businesses in New Jersey with a regional focus may want to consider partnering with a NJ marketing company in order to optimize their local strategy. Local or regionally-focused marketing agencies tend [...]

{Make this Holiday Season Huge – Advice From a NJ Marketing Company}

The holiday season produces the biggest sales numbers of the year for many companies. In fact, retail e-commerce is expected to grow by 16.6% during the holidays this year. However, this holiday season is a relatively short one (26 days from Black Friday to Christmas Eve), making it more important than ever for companies to [...]

{NJ SEO Strategist Needed – Full Time (In Middletown, NJ)}

CMDS, the area’s leading internet marketing services agency, is seeking a full-time NJ SEO strategist to implement and manage Search Engine Optimization campaigns. The successful candidate will have intimate knowledge of the Internet, specifically how Search Engines function, and will be highly experienced in on site and off site SEO implementation AND creating campaigns from [...]

{How Social Media Can Grow My Business}

Tips from a NJ Social Media Marketing Agency Having a strong social media presence has become a staple of successful marketing strategies everywhere. There’s no better way to communicate with your customers than with tools like Facebook, Twitter and professional blogs. The number of companies using social media as a major part of their marketing [...]

{Finding the Best Digital Marketing Agency for Your Business}

How Do I Find the Best Digital Marketing Agency for My Business? Your digital brand is the best tool you have to reach new customers in a world that increasingly relies on the Internet. A company with a clearly defined online image has a better chance of making an impact on consumers, which is exactly [...]

{How Much Should My Company Spend on Social Media Marketing?}

Social media marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach your target audience, engage it and build brand awareness. If you own a business or if you’re in charge of marketing then you already know the benefits of social media marketing. But you still may ask, ”How much should my company spend on social [...]

{How Much Should My Business Be Spending on Marketing and Advertising?}

Choosing what you should invest annually on marketing and advertising There are some fairly simple ways to decide what you should spend on marketing. Something as important as this should not be chosen arbitrarily. Instead, your company should decide on a percentage of its projected gross income to allocate for marketing and advertising. This percentage [...]

{Internet Marketing Company Launches NJ Engineering Firm, KMB Design Group’s Innovative Website Design}

Internet Marketing Company Launches NJ Engineering Firm, KMB Design Group’s Innovative Website Design Middletown, NJ (May 27, 2014) – The NJ Internet marketing company CMDS has announced the launch of a new website, www.kmbdg.com, for KMB Design Group, a full service NJ engineering firm. The NJ engineering firm, KMB Design Group, was founded by a [...]

{Your Law Firm Can Generate Up to 50% More Leads Using CMDS PPC Experts to Manage Your Google Adwords}

Your Law Firm Can Generate Up to 50% More Leads Using CMDS PPC Experts to Manage Your Google Adwords By: Chris Mulvaney We know your law practice is constantly faced with tough decisions, such as how much you should spend on marketing and what type of marketing would be the most advantageous to pursue. You [...]