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5 Time Saving Blog Ideas

Even the most seasoned of writers has struggled at some point or another with coming up with blog content that is fresh and inspiring. You’re not alone. But that blog is beckoning — and you’ve seen the statistics. Over 80% of consumers in the US trust the information and advice they read on a blog. […]

Want to Know What Your Competition is Doing on Social Media?

By now, every business owner knows his or her brand needs to be on social media — but that doesn’t make navigating the ever-changing ecosystem that is social media marketing any easier. Wonder what your competition is doing on social media? And how they’re doing it? Enter Social Media Examiner. The world’s largest resource for […]

How to Write an RFP for Website Development

The good news: your company is getting a new website! The not-so-good news: you need to find a website development company. You’ve been tasked with asking for and compiling a ton of information to evaluate and compare several potential website designers. In other words, you’re in charge of writing an RFP for website development. The truth […]

5 Reasons Why You Should Update Your Facebook Business Page Photo

Using Your Facebook Business Page Photo to Make a Good First Impression Having your company be present on Social Media simply isn’t enough in today’s marketing world, especially when it comes to Facebook. Instead of your business being “present”, why not be relevant? When your business is just “present”, you are ordinary, you are standard, […]

Concerned About the Facebook News Feed Update?

You Have Snapchat to Thank for That! Facebook—home to 1.65 billion users and counting—announced yesterday that it will be making some pretty significant changes to the algorithm that determines what will appear in people’s News Feeds, and the news, for marketers, may not be so good. The social media giant has decided that family comes […]

How to Make Video Content a Successful Part of Your Marketing Strategy

In our previous blog post, we established that video isn’t the future of content marketing… it’s the right now of content marketing. With Facebook and Snapchat each boasting more than 8 million videos views per day, it’s time to work video into your overall marketing plan. But how? Here are 4 steps to your brand’s […]

Why Video Should Be a Part of Your Marketing Strategy

This time next year, you might just be watching this article instead of reading it. Video has quickly become one of the most effective ways to reach consumers where and how they want to be reached. And it’s not hard to figure out why. With technology changing by the nanosecond, consumers have higher expectations than […]

Bring Your Brand (Back) to Life: Signs It’s Time to Rebrand Your Business

A successful small business is dependent on meeting the needs of customers. At what point, though does meeting expectations start to plateau and feel stagnant? Small businesses must exceed customer expectations to really begin to thrive. And corporate rebranding is a big part of that. Don’t be afraid to admit it…some of the greatest brands […]

Become a Memorable Small Business Brand

The chance to make a memory is the essence of brand marketing. – Steve Jobs Over time, all too many small businesses get buried under mounds and mounds of data. Although data is important insight into your audience’s behavior, some brands forget about one very important factor: making memories. Instead of focusing on numbers like […]

Introducing Post Café

Freshly Brewed Social Media Posts CMDS is proud to introduce Post Café, a groundbreaking new social media content publishing service. The first of its kind, this innovative subscription service will allow busy companies without the time or resources to manage their own social media or blogging efforts to simply and affordably publish original, branded content. With applications in a […]