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Optimized copy attracts users and ranks high in search engines. Is your current website copy getting both jobs done?

Engage Users and Rank in Search Engines with the right kind of website copywriting and blogging.

The in-house copywriters and editors at CMDS work alongside the marketing team to strategically write website content and branded blog copy aimed to capture both your customers and increase search engine rankings. As one of the leading full-service digital marketing companies nationwide, we’re dedicated to creating buzzworthy articles with SEO-enriched content that not only boost brand hype but also drive powerful results.

Customers are looking for what you do, make sure they find you. The copy on your website has the power to connect with customers (making them come back for more), establish your brand as an industry expert (boosting referrals) and help you rank higher in search engines (increasing online exposure).

Is your website copy doing it right?

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According to Google, content is one of the top three ranking factors for organic search.

Why do you need professional copywriting and blogging services?

As a critical strategy to almost any other online marketing strategy, professional copywriting and blogging help SEO by providing more website “real estate” and increasing domain authority. Through strategic copy, it provides the necessary source material for social media marketing and email marketing campaigns. These well-written phrases not only have the power to enhance the value of landing pages and website, but also help brands build strong relationships with customers and other online brands.

Your website content should entice people to stop scrolling, click and take action. That’s why CMDS works closely with each brand to capture their voice, define value and establish trust with customers. Using your unique selling proposition, powerful analytics, persuasive content and strategic SEO copy, our team creates authentic communications between customers and companies that have the power to naturally convert visitors into repeat customers and even brand ambassadors.

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Brands who prioritize blogging are 13x more likely to achieve a positive ROI on their efforts.

Why other businesses keep choosing CMDS as their website copywriting and blogging agency?

  • Engaging branded blog copy
  • New website page copy
  • Ecommerce product copywriting
  • Persuasive landing page call-to-action
  • Current website content refresh
  • Search engine optimized copy on new and existing web pages
  • Press release writing
  • Paid advertising copywriting
  • Case study writing
  • Video storyboarding, scripting
  • Email copywriting
  • Copywriting strategies that deliver results
  • Powerful content that drives profitable behavior
  • Authentic communications that build trust and inspires action
  • Optimized copy that search engines love
  • All the analytics that prove our methods work

“I had all these ideas, but I never knew how to get the word out there. CMDS made it happen.”

“After CMDS refreshed the copy on my website, my organic search ranking improved from page 3 to page 1!”

“I actually got to meet face-to-face with the writers and marketing team at CMDS. No other company I’ve ever worked with has given me that level of trust.”

What are you waiting for?

Website copywriting and blogging is no longer optional. Optimized and authentic content is vital to be found on search and connect with customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Simply put, copywriting refers to the words that promote your brand online or in print. This can include blogs, websites, press releases, brochures, print ads, Google AdWords, white papers, scripts, etc.

Copywriting can be used in a variety of ways, but is often used to persuade an audience to make a purchase or use a service. It can also be used to bring news, explain a product by addressing “pain-points” and bring awareness to a brand.

For a business looking to make an impact online, strategy is key. Well-written content is written in a way that provides a solution for your audience, places keywords where they need to be for SEO and calls attention to those keyphrases without “stuffing” them. It’s best to leave it up to the expert writers (this is probably not the job for your summer intern).

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