With less ad saturation (and a lot less effort), Twitter is a very impactful platform.

Driving Results with a Twitter Advertising Agency

You already know that Twitter advertising is important to your brand and you’re ready to take the next step. But, where do you begin? Do you hire a professional Twitter advertising agency or lean on your internal team to take a stab at it? We get it, advertising on social sites, like Twitter, can seem overwhelming. From algorithm to formatting changes, it can be easy for brands to get lost in all the updates. Plus, the whole process, including creative, audience targeting, campaign launch, ad monitoring, optimization and reporting, can be too much for an internal department – or even a freelancer to handle.

This is where CMDS comes in. The major advantage of hiring a Twitter advertising agency over trying to build your own team from scratch is professional experience. Between our proven five step marketing process and award-winning approach, the team at CMDS knows how to plan, strategize and monitor ads for real results. As a full-service agency, we’ve worked with a wide range of industries and have helped brands at every stage of their development. As a business owner, you wear many hats already. Let us take one thing off your plate.

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Twitter has 336 million monthly active users; 46% of American Twitter users access the site daily.

Source Hootsuite

Award-Winning Twitter Advertising Agency

Effective Twitter advertising means taking advantage of real-time trends and engagement. And CMDS does it better than anyone else out there. We have experience growing brand awareness, leads and conversions for both large enterprises and local shops on Twitter (and beyond). Our team’s unique data-driven, strategic approach, combined with edgy, creative minds, results in improved ROI for our client’s paid digital campaigns.

Often, Twitter advertising can be too much to handle for businesses, making it hard for internal teams to execute successfully. But, Twitter ad management, when executed effectively, can boost brand awareness and keep brands in focus on a live feed of constantly evolving conversations.

Allow CMDS to become an extension of your own brand and take advantage of the power of Twitter advertising. We’ll take complete ownership of your campaign and turn your Twitter account into a lead generating gold-mine!

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66.4 percent of surveyed Twitter users said they’d discovered a small-or-medium-sized business on Twitter. 93.3 percent said they plan to purchase from a business they follow.

Source Hootsuite

Our Twitter Advertising Blueprint

Want to grow your audience and reach them at the right time to increase leads? Our team creates the innovative, customized campaigns that target your audience and strategically influences them to take action. See how we do it!

Creative Juices Flow

Engagement is so crucial on social media, especially the Twitter platform. As a professional Twitter advertising agency, our in-house team of social marketing gurus, copywriters, designers and strategists put together the campaigns that get people talking about your brand. Between timely, effective messaging, innovative images, captivating videos and interactive infographics, we’ll boost audience engagement…in 280 characters or less.

Laser-Focused Campaigns

Meet your specific demographics by targeting users based on their interests, geography, and other important metrics to ensure that those who are clicking on your paid tweets are the right people. Tweets that are broadcast to relevant consumers on Twitter lead to more engagement and increased leads.

Ongoing Optimization

With Twitter moving at lightning speed, your campaigns need to keep up. Constantly optimizing your campaigns, our team stays on top of the trends and current events (and ahead of your competition). And, we’ll provide you with all the statistics you need to ensure your campaigns are constantly generating the results you want.

Creative. Strategic. Flexible.

We have the creative minds, strategic campaigns and flexible solutions for seriously successful ads. Experience more leads and a stronger industry presence with CMDS, your powerhouse Twitter advertising agency.

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On average, Twitter users shop online 6.9x a month, while non-users shop online just 4.3x a month.

Source Twitter

Twitter Advertising FAQ

Ready to reach a wider online audience? A Twitter advertising campaign could be your next best strategy. We build advertising campaigns on all of the popular social media channels, including Twitter.

As a big driver to grow awareness and demand for products or services, Twitter is prime real estate for brands to pinpoint customers throughout their entire purchasing cycle. Representing a wide range of demographics and interests, there’s no shortage of your target customers. Need new followers? Reliable leads? More conversions? Increased engagement? If you’re not using Twitter advertising, you’re missing out!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a local mom and pop shop, SMB, trendy start-up company or large enterprise, CMDS has the insights and strategies that deliver reliable results.

  • Get Started the Right Way- New to the social media advertising scene? Just starting to experiment with social media advertising? Don’t waste your time on mixed results a moment longer. Get assurance that your ads will maximize a positive return on your investment with our in-house team of marketing gurus, working on every inch your campaign to generate big results.
  • Ready to Let Go- Wearing too many hats and just can’t keep up with the day-to-day tasks of managing social media ads? A Twitter advertising agency can become a seamless extension of your team to give you more time for your core business.
  • Need Reliable Results- No matter how established your business, performance plateaus can happen. Stop throwing endless dollars behind campaigns that don’t work. Work with an experienced Twitter advertising agency to help you maximize results and drive more leads.

Ultimately, the cost of your ad campaigns will depend on the ad type and your budget. You have the choice to promote a tweet to appear on timelines, promote your account to invite targeted users to follow your brand or promote a trend to put your story at the top of the list. The key is to always test ads to see which ones are driving the results you need. We’ll handle that.

At CMDS, our stellar in-house team of account managers, branding strategists, digital marketing professionals, copywriters, creative designers and social media managers work collaboratively to ensure big ROI results for our clients. We’re data-driven, insanely-creative and work with brands nationwide.

With more engagement, specified targeting and a lot less ad saturation than the other big players, a Twitter advertising agency can help brands cater their message in the moment…and reach their audience at the right time. But, between all the other popular marketing channels like Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn, it can be tough to know what platforms are right to spend your advertising dollars. We can help with that!

CMDS is trusted by Fortune 1000 companies nationwide.

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