The Monmouth University Educator

The Project

A Compelling Annual Report for the Monmouth University Educator

Monmouth University School of Education was referred to CMDS when they were looking to create an annual report that would communicate the achievements and success for the department and program on an annualized basis. CMDS helped to create a beautiful showpiece for the department that was sent to key alumni, thought leaders, and influencers. CMDS has designed and produced this annual report for them several years running now.

Layout & Design

Inspirational Emotionally-Engaging Design

Our goal is to create visually engaging layouts that allow for the reader to easily digest the content they are consuming. Using bigger imagery in the article allows for a more inviting read and brings in a more emotional view of the article.

The Monmouth University Educator Branding

Client Praise

“Thank you for all the selfless time, thought and energy you’ve given to thinking about ways we can be better. A true partner.”

Global Director

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