Smith Mullin

The project

As a nationally-recognized and acclaimed law firm specializing in employment / qui tam law, Smith Mullin has been working with CMDS for nearly a decade. Whether it was creating a website that articulates their core mission, performing online marketing tactics that expand the reach and frequency of their messages to key targets, or managing their social media profiles to position the firm as a thought-leader, we have been part of bringing their perspective into the digital space.

Custom Website

CMDS has been involved with the design and development of several websites for Smith Mullin over the years. Most recently, CMDS designed a website that speaks more fundamentally to the mission that Smith Mullin has fighting for the rights of people that don’t have a voice, whether in the workforce or in other environments. Built on a custom WordPress content management system, the Smith Mullin site proves that you don’t need to choose form over function.

Smith Mullin Design
Smith Mullin Design
Smith Mullin Design

Online Marketing

Smith Mullin was looking for ways to build their brand and increase their social media influence within the tri-state area. We have delivered a mix of awareness and ROI focused advertising efforts, including Google PPC advertising, Facebook advertising, and remarketing campaigns.

Smith Mullin Online Marketing

Social Media

As a respected leading law firm, it was important to Smith Mullin that their social media profiles share thought-leadership content from throughout the web that aligned with their point-of-view. CMDS works to curate content from third-party sources, gain approval from the lawyers on their validity, and then share throughout their Facebook and Twitter profiles. Over the years, the Smith Mullin social channels have garnered attention as a leading source for information as it relates to the employment and qui-tam law arena.

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