Radius Care

The Challenge/Project

Design a user-friendly and lead-generating website for Radius Care that better communicates who they are and addresses the pain points of its target audience in a creative and compelling way, so the user can trust its interface from the start.

The Details

Finally, a Clearer Path to Health

Radius Care, a fully-funded start-up, came to CMDS, a digital marketing and brand-growth agency, to assist in marketing their ground-breaking technology solution of figuring out a better way to connect Medicare patients and their caregivers to their best health decisions and providers, utilizing a free user-friendly and protected interface geared towards their mostly over 65 user base.

Unlike any other platform, Radius Care uses transaction-driven, de-identified, near-real-time healthcare data from its users’ medical histories to recommend high-rated medical providers based on accurate medical conditions.

Web Design & Development

Your personalized health roadmap

CMDS worked with this client to design and develop a new website that was both emotionally engaging and also hit on the pain points of its target audience in a creative and reassuring way. These audiences, who are Medicare members and their care advocates, are offered a streamlined web experience that easily explains the process in a user-friendly way, respecting the fact that most are within an over 65 demographic.

The new and revitalized site uses compelling and relatable imagery to highlight the elements of the product to its users, providing data-driven clarity in a streamlined, clear-cut, and easy to use platform.


Radius Care Helps You Help Them

CMDS integrated an enhanced system that provides personalized and instant information to its user on the highest-rated doctors and hospitals, as well as treatments and medication information for a patient’s exact health profile and location.

The site further instills trust by showcasing customer testimonials to highlight all of the benefits of the product via a friendly, clear-cut delivery.

With the launch of the site, CMDS succeeded in creating a visually appealing and streamlined result, integrating Medicare standard processes with a fully-trusted and user-friendly website, eliminating the painstaking and confusing process of finding the right provider and enabling access to patients and their caregivers to a complete wheelhouse of date and information tailored for their medical history and ongoing needs.

Radius Care Online Marketing
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