Post Cafe

The project

This fully-funded start-up came to CMDS needing help with everything! From brand identity, logo and messaging, creation of the custom subscription e-commerce website to marketing and promoting the end product. As a social media automation platform for the real estate industry, Post.Cafe is shaking up their industry, providing realtors & mortgage professionals an easy and efficient way to manage their online social presence!

Custom Subscription
E-Commerce Website

The Post.Cafe business model actually involved the creation of two separate websites. The first,, is the primary hub for the brand allowing for users to purchase a monthly subscription to this social media automation platform. Users are able to customize their public profile, along with manage the articles and customized language for their posts through an easy to use interface. The second website,, is the content source from which all articles shared through are sourced. This modern publishing site contains information on any topics relevant to the home buying, selling, or maintenance process.

Post Cafe Design
Post Cafe Design
Post Cafe Design


Post.Cafe wanted to be portrayed as playful, professionals, and approachable. CMDS worked with them to develop a logo, brand identity, and brand voice that connoted that..and more!

Post Cafe Branding

Social Media

CMDS had its work cut out for itself while managing several social media profiles for a company that’s whole game was social media posting! Leveraging Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn, we developed and managed the social profiles for Post.Cafe positioning the company as a leader in the space as well as trying to raise awareness for a brand-new product category in the eyes of realtors and mortgage professionals. We performed custom photo and video shoots to produce engaging content meant to educate and convert.

Online Marketing

Post.Cafe came to CMDS for support with all of their online marketing needs, and we delivered! From running Google PPC advertising and Facebook / Instagram advertising to drive leads, to remarketing campaigns within all of the major networks and geo-fenced display advertising around realtor-centric events around the country to drive awareness, CMDS developed a comprehensive marketing campaign meant to hit on all cylinders.

Post Cafe Online Marketing

Email Marketing

With a subscription-based model, Post.Cafe demanded a comprehensive email marketing campaign, filled with both transactional automated emails as well as promotional emails meant to up and cross sell. CMDS delivered a program that not only educated and looked great, they also performed well over industry-average!

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