The project

Innovation Comes Naturally

Kinetik Tech, a distributor of high-quality, natural ingredients from around the globe, came to CMDS when they were looking for an agency to help elevate their brand. CMDS redesigned and developed their website with the goal of becoming a cutting-edge resource for businesses in the innovative raw materials industry.

Web App Development

The company wanted to have a web presence that would act as a resource to current and potential customers. We enhanced their website to showcase their innovative approach to the personal care industry, as well as developed out the tools needed for customers to have access to materials needed for their businesses.

With a large spreadsheet of ingredients and their variables, and customers that come to them with very specific needs, they were in the market for a clean, professionally developed data sorting interface. This interface allows their customers to find exactly what they were looking for amongst multiple data sources through up to 6 different filters used to narrow down results. Our team even took it a step further and developed the functionality that would allow Kinetik to import additional sets of data that would automatically flow into the existing database, making it easier than having to add new products one-by-one.

Kinetik Branding
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