Havana Central Market

The Project

The leading online destination for Latin lifestyle products.

Revitalize the Havana Central brand by creating a new look and feel for their Shopify eCommerce merchandise site.

Project Details

The #1 Latin Marketplace

Havana Central Restaurant Group, an authentic Cuban restaurant chain, created an eCommerce merchandise store during the Covid pandemic that sold various branded merchandise, including Cuban-inspired clothing and hats. The Shopify site was born of a desire to create an ongoing revenue stream to clients who love their brand. Deciding to continue their eCommerce store beyond the pandemic lockdown and in an effort to have it compliment their restaurant and high-energy Latin theme, the client came to CMDS asking for structure and guidance in revitalizing both their brand and their one-stop-shop for Latin goods sold on their Shopify site.

Web Design and Development

The leading online destination for Latin lifestyle products.

CMDS developed a two-phase marketing strategy for their Shopify site. Phase One aimed to refresh and revitalize the brand, paving the way for Phase Two, which sought to create a brand-new look and feel for their Shopify site. The goal was to invoke a feeling of their restaurant on the site; lively, inspiring, and an ode to Cuban humor.

CMDS worked with this client to design and develop a Shopify site that was both lively and engaging, as well as addressing the interests and tastes of the target audience in a fun and creative way.

Havana Central Market Branding

An unmistakable celebration of Cuban culture

These audiences, who are fans and purveyors of Cuban cuisine and the Latin lifestyle, are offered a streamlined shopping experience with easy to view and purchase items. Furthermore, CMDS integrated various payment platforms into the Shopify site to allow users to pay in full or easy installments.

With the launch of the upgraded Shopify site, CMDS succeeded in creating a visually appealing and updated site that juxtaposes the Havana Latin vibe with a user-friendly and trustworthy shopping experience for Cuban lifestyle enthusiasts.

Havana Central Market Online Marketing
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