Gail Zahtz Sizzle Reel

The Project

The woman blazing a trail for equitable value based healthcare in America.

Promote Gail Zahtz, a serial entrepreneur and keynote speaker within the healthcare industry, via a 2 minute 30 second promotional “Sizzle Reel” in order to further propel her visibility on the web and help her achieve exponential growth and influence online.

Project Details

Gail Zahtz, a proven value-based care advocate, entrepreneur, health care keynote speaker, and cancer survivor, came to CMDS for assistance in creating a sizzle reel video, using a compilation of footage from her social and promotional channels, in order to gain visibility and more speaking engagements. The goal was to showcase her dedication to overcoming adversity with internal storytelling and bring a beautiful and compelling visual to the arc of her personal challenges juxtaposed with her professional successes.

Showcasing Success

CMDS began with a strategy session, involving multiple meetings over a course of a few weeks, to discuss how the client’s internal story would be best executed in alignment with her core beliefs, values and goals. The client gave us a catalog of her various speaking engagement publication assets, along with online footage of her personal health and cancer journey. CMDS stitched them together in order to create a compelling piece of sentimental footage showcasing her professional successes in healthcare advocacy and public speaking, while also highlighting her personal and sentimental journey.

The Sizzle Reel was created with Adobe Premiere to edit, Adobe After-Effects for the motion-graphics, and Adobe Audition to edit the audio clips.

As a result, CMDS created an internal, passionate piece of storytelling about an Orthodox mother of four and entrepreneur who overcame cancer while in hospice, finding passion and success once more as a keynote speaker and health care advocate, this time with a new sense of sentimentality and a story of overcoming obstacles.

With the launch of the Sizzle Reel on YouTube, the client is able to bring her current audiences through her journey of greatness and gratitude and garner a further following who will be able to view her passionate speaking engagements with new eyes, thereby leading to new opportunities for growth.

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