The Project

Find Creative Pros

Create a website that includes an online nationwide directory of profiles and portfolios of photographers, videographers and graphic designers for consumers seeking their services. Post site launch, provide ongoing marketing services to promote this new business and its service offerings.

Funnel Branding

Web Application Design & Development & Marketing Services

CMDS designed and developed a new web application that includes a database for professionals to create their own profile showcasing portfolio pieces for consumers seeking their services. Consumers can select the type of professional they're seeking (photographer, videographer, or graphic designer) in the category of service they're hiring for based on review ratings and price.

The Funnel beta site is currently utilizing free membership but has been developed using Woocommerce functionality, so in Phase II can launch a paid tiered level membership program.

With the launch of the site, CMDS is providing ongoing marketing services to introduce and promote this new business via social ad campaigns and a social influencer strategy.

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