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Biopharmaceutical Website Development

EsperienzaRX Provides Integral Web Development for a Major Biopharmaceutical Company

Within the challenging landscape of the pharmaceutical industry, patient-driven solutions rule the land. That’s exactly what our client provides around the world: a commitment to industry-leading clinical accomplishments and a passion for exceptional patient support

The Challenge

In 2014, EsperienzaRX began working with a major biopharmaceutical company to completely overhaul, fix and rebuild one of their websites. The website redevelopment was a large, intricate task due to the level of complexity and amount coding clean-up required.

EsperienzaRX must provide an extensive range of successful company-wide website development and support solutions, tailored to the specific needs of a global pharmaceutical company.

What makes a well-developed pharma website?

It’s so much more than aesthetics. A good pharmaceutical website must focus on communicating critical information needed for patients, caregivers and physicians – in a way they can understand. Both patients and HCPs require a site that helps them learn key points from previously conducted studies, while providing insight as to how it will affect them and their future treatment.






The Client

A major biopharmaceutical company contracted EsperienzaRX to help streamline website development operations and IT efforts for 20+ of their websites. This included redeveloping the website for one of the top chemotherapy drugs in the world. EsperienzaRX also provided web development and support for the client's other blockbuster brands, unbranded sites, clinical trial websites, and financial support sites.

The successful outcome of this initial project resulted in this major biopharmaceutical company requesting EsperienzaRX to assist with another project. And then another. Building on a track record of redevelopment success, the EsperienzaRX team quickly became one of the client's proven agencies, contracted to selectively code the majority of their portfolio.

Over the past five years EsperienzaRX has taken responsibility for the site development, maintenance, third-party integrations, SEO, analytics tagging, and interaction points with IT to deploy sites within multiple environments.

The Approach

EsperienzaRX partnered with the biopharmaceutical company's IT department to establish a “Global Development Framework” in order to guide the development of future WordPress websites and address the individualized needs for different websites. This framework helped the Client to anticipate future website needs and allowed for multiple languages, indications, audiences, etc. In addition, our team worked in close partnership with some of the biggest content and creative agencies in the world, including Evoke, Ogilvy, Hill Holliday, DDB Health, Accenture, Weber Shandwick and AgencyRX.

Since 2014, EsperienzaRX has become fully embedded in the biopharmaceutical company's organization. EsperienzaRX provides development for US and international audiences, manages 3rd party integrations, offers industry-leading clinical trial software and solutions, interacts with IT to provide site files on a regular basis and even functions as their out of office IT operations support when their staff is unavailable.

As a result of this successful partnership, our biopharmaceutical Client has a portfolio of high-quality, responsive websites that they can rely on.

About the Client

The Client is a large, integrated global biopharmaceutical company, which engages in the discovery, development and commercialization of life-changing therapies for the treatment of cancer and other immune and inflammatory diseases.

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At EsperienzaRX, we have extensive experience working with pharma and healthcare brands nationwide. From navigating strict industry legislation and requirements to collaborating with multiple stakeholders, EsperienzaRX knows how to develop effective, impactful and high performing websites in this challenging space. Give us a call at 732.706.5555 or fill out this online form to speak with a pharmaceutical website development expert today.

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