Interior Design

BFI Furniture

The Project

Solving Workspace Problems with Creative Solutions

BFI expertly brings together balance, function, and insight. Combining data analysis with an eye for design, they’ll take your space to a better place. From the big ideas down to the smallest details, their focus is to solve your workplace problems with creative solutions. Our job was to create a new website that features a clean and contemporary design that reflects BFI’s professionalism and expertise.

Web Design

Collaborative Spaces for Exceptional People

It was important to us that BFI's visual web identity reflected who they are as a company and how they operate. This meant clean, elegant design with a focus on imagery to show the large variety of projects they are capable of handling. Incorporating the BFI "dot" was a no brainer for us allowing us to carry the branding throughout the site seamlessly.

Web Development

Details Make the Difference

One of the big highlights was the client's case studies. We wanted to highlight the great work they do while pinpointing what makes their work great. Each key element of their project is indicated by a red pulsing dot. When hovering over this dot we're highlighting the exact piece of furniture BFI used to make this space great!

Create Your Space

CMDS enhanced the user experience of BFI's Create Your Space Tool. With a more streamlined approach, the user can now more easily focus on getting a rough estimate of what to expect for the costs of their project.

BFI Furniture Branding

Client Praise

“In the last 18 months the CMDS team has been instrumental in taking us to the next level. The interaction with the team almost seems intuitive; their knowledge, experience and marketing expertise has been a breath of fresh air for my firm. Thank you the entire CMDS team for this great experience!”

Sales Manager, BFI

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