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Build Context Into Your Next Ad

Today, consumers are being bombarded with more ads than ever before. Too often, they can’t relate to the mass of messages they’re faced with on a daily basis. As a result, they’ve begun to ignore the noise. As an effective way to cut through the clutter, contextual advertising puts the consumer at the center of your marketing efforts by serving targeted advertisements based on content one is reading about, ultimately improving display ad performance.

Get through to your target audience by working smarter (not harder). Consider taking a different route next time: rather than generating bulk ads for a large audience, use “context” to deliver a much more personalized and relevant message to a segmented audience. It’s one of the most effective ways to guide potential customers further along the buyer’s journey. Using real-time data to personalize advertisements, the experts at CMDS can help you see big boosts in campaign performance.

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Did You Know?

91% of people find online ads more intrusive today than they did just a couple of years ago.

Source -Hubspot

Maximize Timing and Relevance

As technology continues to evolve, your consumers’ patience and attention spans has shortened. They expect helpful, highly relevant results and will choose the brands that provide the most valuable content and communicate with them in the most personalized way. This is where contextual marketing is key. Combining perhaps two of the most important conversion factors: timing and relevance, when used correctly, together they evoke that crucial emotional response.

The experts at CMDS have mastered the art of capturing attention in a noisy, digital world. Since 2002, brands nationwide have trusted us with their marketing and advertising needs. As an award-winning agency, we have a proven track-record of success with clients in many industries  including e-commerce, financial, pharmaceutical and many other B2B and B2C businesses.

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Contextual advertising is all about understanding the who, the why, the where, the how and the when.

Our Process

While every campaign is unique, our time-tested process at CMDS remains steady and includes:

Advanced keyword research analysis

Strategic development

Ad design and message copy creation

High-opportunity website identification


Continuous improvement including analytics and reporting

Timing. Relevancy. Personalized.

At CMDS, we use this advertising strategy as more of a brand awareness focused approach. We’re experts in researching audiences’ needs, understanding their wants and determining their motivations. We know how to strategically engage the right customers, at the right moment, in the right place. We create something more than an ad. We create an experience.

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Did You Know?

Advertisements that appear dynamically on websites offer increased relevance and timeliness for better results.

Contextual Advertising FAQ

Still have questions about contextual advertising... but maybe too afraid to ask? Don’t worry, we’ve got ya covered. Check out our commonly asked questions and their answers below.

One of the biggest challenges brands face today is capturing the attention of their audience without disrupting their online experiences (and maximizing marketing dollars). While most consumers tend to ignore ads, contextual advertising is an effective method to capture users attention with relevant digital content. Directly correlated to the content the consumer is reading, contextual advertising is based on keyword targeting.

After building a buyer persona and mapping out your buyer’s journey, we enable contextual advertising to display on websites that match the keywords of your campaign.

And since we believe in a holistic approach to marketing, companies should also consider cross-channel strategy by incorporating SEO, PPC and other digital marketing tactics to establish more leads in your pipeline.

Offering a full range of marketing and web design services, CMDS has a talented, in-house staff of creative designers, versatile developers, strategic marketing analysts and professional copywriters. Using a results-driven process, our innovative team knows what ads will capture the most attention and inspire action. All coordinated by a dedicated account manager, you’re always in the know and no aspect of your campaign will ever be left to chance.

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