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Crushing The Marketing Game Since 2002

As an award-winning creative marketing agency, our team has worked with some of the biggest players in a wide range of industries. So, we decided to build on that success and bring it to the emerging Medicinal & Recreational Marijuana space.

Grow Your Medicinal & Recreational Marijuana Brand

We know how to outsmart and out maneuver the competition- rather than outspending them. It’s our speciality.

Considering Google, Facebook and Instagram have all blocked marijuana brand advertising, even within states where it’s legalized, it’s pretty clear that marijuana brands face a lot of digital marketing hurdles today. From creating innovative cannabis packaging designs that stand out to building a customized website that engages, let us help you grow your memorable marijuana brand identity today.

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The Market Edge You Need

Through a strategic mix of creative masterminds and marketing geniuses who are willing to take calculated risks, our team works together to build real momentum that gives our diverse clients the edge they need in the marketplace.

Brand Strategy Whether for medicinal or recreational users, an effective marijuana brand strategy will help you stand out from the competition and grow brand loyalty.

Email Marketing The right call-to-action and catchy copy can get your customers to click.

Copywriting Powerful blogs and story-telling not only educate and entertain, but also drive more sales through organic SEO.

Website Design and Development Fully-functional, responsive websites that encompass the vision of your brand have the power to improve user experience and engagement.

Product Packaging Cannabis packaging should evoke the right reaction and be designed to allow your label to evolve so customers will trust in your brand.

CMDS is Here to Grow Your Brand

We are the go-to marketing agency for the Medicinal & Recreational Marijuana industry. Give us a call at 732-706-5555 to learn more and schedule your free consultation.