Influence the Influencers.

We leverage the voices that matter.

One of the advantages of being who we are is having valuable relationships with people that matter. Because of these relationships, we’re able to get our clients top exposure via most of the blogs that matter for their industry.

Every day, millions of “on the street” reporters recount stories of current events, products and services that they think are best, and what they ate for dinner. These bloggers are the voices…the new influencers in our society. Their legions of followers hang on their words for the many frivolous, and not-so-frivolous, decisions in life.

CMDS’ knows first-hand how important blogger outreach is in spreading the word about a new product or service. Based off your target audience’s demographics and interests, our team selects the most relevant individuals, forming these same relationships directly for you to get your messaging to their audiences.

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