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A unique mix of industry veterans with fresh talent under one roof, CMDS is driven by solid strategies and the best creative team in the business. We’re a leading full-service marketing agency committed to helping brands – like yours – achieve epic ROI.

Combining direct mail with digital marketing under one roof, our experts create designs that specifically address the needs of your target audience and inspire them to engage. And, we do it better than anyone else.

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Did You Know?

Year-over-year, direct mail customer response rates increased by 43% and prospect response rates increased by 190%.

Source DMA 2017 Fact Book:

Don’t Call It a Comeback.

Integrated marketing gets the results

Direct mail has been around for years, but now with improvements in multi-channel integration, printing options and customer targeting, it’s having a resurgence.

Driving higher response rates and conversions for both B2B and B2C, the power of direct mail continues to dominate as other forms of marketing tend to fall prey to changing consumer habits and ad blocking. When combined with digital marketing efforts, direct mail campaigns have the power to separate your message from the noise and deliver the highest response rates. It’s a beautiful thing.

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Pro Tip!

40% of the success for direct marketing depends on your customer list.

Source USPS

Dominate your market with our results-driven process

Target Your Audience Working closely with our clients to understand business goals and their target audience, we have the insight to select the most productive targeted customer lists.

Designed to Engage Each piece of direct mail, crafted by our creative marketing and copywriting experts, balances aesthetic appeal with effective messaging to entice action and drive results.

Integrate Campaigns Make it easy for your prospects to connect by offering multiple response channels in line with your direct mail piece including landing pages, social media campaigns, email retargeting and remarketing advertisements.

Coordinate Logistics From concept to delivery, our team knows the ins and outs of evolving postal regulations, list acquisition strategies and print designs that entice action.

Feel the Power of Paper.

CMDS has our client success down to a science. Our integrated approach is rooted in understanding your goals and your target audience, and then leveraging that knowledge to build relationships, drive action and achieve results. In the end, we deliver.

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Let’s Dig Into The Details

Trust in the experts at CMDS. We know (and love) how to use direct mail to transform marketing campaigns into a goldmine of repeat customers.

Direct mail is felt. When someone opens your mail, you’ve just established a physical bond with your customer, increasing retention.

Direct mail is designed for action. We will tailor every direct mail campaign specifically for your target audience – loyal customers or fresh prospects – to take action.

Direct mail gets you in the door. Email has become a battleground for your audience’s attention. Direct mail provides a unique opportunity to get in their homes and in their hands.

Direct mail is cost effective. Direct mail can be a cost-effective way to reach both Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) audiences when executed correctly.

Your direct mail campaign will be designed for the highest response rate. With access to wide variety of folds, perforations, die cuts, colors, stocks, sizes and finishes, we know how to make your piece memorable.

Dominate the mailbox with winning direct mail campaigns:

  • Postcards
  • Oversized postcards
  • Personalized letters
  • Invitations
  • Holiday cards
  • Mail inserts
  • Specialty envelopes
  • Promotional mailers

This is actually one of the most common questions we receive. Typical response rates for a direct mail campaign range anywhere from 1% to 5% making it one of the most effective forms of direct marketing, compared to email’s average response rate of less than 0.15%.

This widely varies on the industry that you’re mailing for, but some general standard practices include:

  • Use engaging imagery that does not scream stock photography
  • Have a clear CTA
  • Include a phone number
  • Use color vs. black & white

Cost per piece can be as low as $0.05 in some cases. This will vary though mostly based on quantity and format. Consider that the higher the volume of mail you plan to send, the higher the discount you can get on bulk printing. Also, plain letter format will be much cheaper than mailing an oversized postcard. Consult our experts to get a more accurate quote.

When it comes to creating successful direct mail campaigns combined with digital efforts, the CMDS marketing professionals have delivered results for many different industries.

  • Real Estate
  • HVAC
  • Non-Profit
  • Auto Service
  • Restaurant
  • Healthcare
  • Financial Services
  • Legal

Don’t see your industry listed? Don’t worry, we obviously can’t list all of them here. These are just a few. Contact us to find out how our experienced team can help craft your next winning campaign!

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