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Jul 12 2017

Why Work/Life Balance is Important for Productivity

Work/Life Balance is something I never really had before joining the team at CMDS. There was always this dark cloud hovering over me feeling like if I didn’t dedicate every second of my time to someone else’s livelihood, I was a failure and everything would be all my fault. Spending so much time at work, it’s often easy for lines to get blurred as we are constantly connected even off hours and attached to our technology. And although there are moments of pressure and stress at every job, and in every position, I have found that certain of my past employers often took advantage of the modern state of being ‘dialed in’, or personal life circumstance.  A few have even made me feel like less of a person, or that I had poor work-ethic if I vocalized that wasn’t feeling supported, stable or in a healthy workspace.

I have experienced employers who used threatening tactics as a way to keep loyal employees as their abused resource, instead of providing the structure and guidance so many people are too scared to say they crave in the workforce. Individuals are often made to feel like completely incapable human beings if they dare to have questions or comments. Regardless of educational background, or industry experience, have you ever entered a new environment where you didn’t have doubts or questions?

CMDS has allowed me to take my life and work knowledge and apply it to what I am doing now, with realistic expectations and room for growth. I am here because I want to be, not because I am bound to be. It was not until I began my career at CMDS that I was able to truly understand the difference. As a result, my productivity has increased dramatically. My energy is more positive and my mood is less anxious and emotional. I find myself even more motivated for my boss, my team, and my clients because I feel appreciated. This leads to becoming more proactive and establishing the perfect blend of creativity and logic to transform me into the ultimate problem-solver. At NJ-based CMDS marketing agency, management has taken the initiative to nurture and develop my strengths, while encouraging me through my weaknesses. I remind myself every day how fortunate I am to be a part of a culture that feels more like a secure home.

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