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Freshly Brewed Social Media Posts

CMDS is proud to introduce Post Café, a groundbreaking new social media content publishing service.

The first of its kind, this innovative subscription service will allow busy companies without the time or resources to manage their own social media or blogging efforts to simply and affordably publish original, branded content.

With applications in a wide variety of industries, Post Café is launching initially with a real estate focus, giving realtors the opportunity to amplify their social media presence and establish themselves as industry experts with past and potential clients.

Post Café arms individual real estate agents and agencies with the tools they need to foster ongoing communication on social media with their target audience. Using a never-before-seen publishing model, Post Café gives an agent the ability to publish strategically-written, buzzworthy content to their own Facebook page. When users click to view the article, instead of being driven to a random website that is of no benefit to the realtor, they are brought to a personalized content hub bearing that realtor’s contact information and agency logo.

Chris Walsh, a leading New Jersey real estate broker, is excited to put Post Café to work for him.

“There is nothing out there like this,” he says. “For less than $3 a post, I can stay active on social media, publish trending, insightful content that my clients appreciate and remember, and maintain on-going relationships long after the sale—all while being able to focus on selling homes, rather than spending the time to market myself.”

How can you put Post Café to work for you?

Visit to sign up to start posting immediately. Subscribers have access to a dashboard of upcoming posts, and the option to customize the content they publish by adding personalized messages and the ability to skip posts that are not relevant to their audience.

An affordable yet effective way for realtors to build their social presence, engage their audience and still provide the curated content that will position them as authorities in their industry. Get ready to take the real estate market by storm!

Finding relevant, engaging content to grow your client relationships can be a full-time job…but it shouldn’t be yours. Freshly brewed social posts available now at Post Café.