Website Design Anatomy from a Web Design Company

An experienced web design company should be able to provide more than a pretty website. They should be experts in the field and understand the complete anatomy of a website and what best practices should be followed to make sure that website is the best is can be for the business.

Website Anatomy, According to a Web Design Company

There are a variety of different parts to a website once it is broken down into separate pieces. Some are related to design while others are related to content and others are related to programming.

Color: Color is an important part of any website design. Selecting colors for some sites may be easier than others. For example, if a business uses a specific blue and green as part of their company's branding, then those colors should definitely be incorporated into their website. Other times it may be more open. This is where a web design company can provide assistance in selecting colors that would work best for the website.

Graphics: Along with color selection, graphic selection is equally important. Graphics should be saved and optimized for a website so they load quickly, which will ultimately avoid site visitor frustration. Graphics could include anything from product shots to plant photos to photos of the staff. Sometimes companies may want to use “stock art, ” which is a more generic form of art to help round out a site's design.

Accessibility: A site should be easy to navigate from a site visitor's perspective as well as be accessible for a search engine to visit and crawl properly and completely. Search engine optimization (SEO) is increasingly important and should be part of the best practices implemented by the web design company both during the design stage as well as the programming stage.

Content: A website should convey a message and provide information to the sit visitor. Whether looking for general information with the possibility of contacting a business for a service, or ordering a product, the goal of the site should be obvious and a lot of that has to do with the message and content on the website.

Links: There are two types of links that should be on any site; internal links and external links. Internal links are important for helping the site visitor easily navigate the site in an effort to find information or order a product. External links can go to other sites that provide more information or show any certifications the company may hold. Ultimately, a site visitor is looking for help. Providing links to other sites for additional information and help will show the business cares about the experience of the site visitor, which ultimately, can help win customer loyalty.

Help from a Web Design Company

While this can all sound overwhelming, an experienced web design company can help take hold of this type of project and work to provide a quality website to their customer.