B2B & B2C Social Media Tips from a Web Design Company

There was a time when companies didn't see the benefit of using social media. In fact there was a time when the average person had no idea what Twitter is. However, in the past year or so, celebrities and large corporations have built buzz around social media, drawing masses to the different platforms.

Social media is not just B2B or B2C. Depending on the platform or social network, you may find that one leans more strongly to one side or the other, but not exclusively. There are several large social media sites that every business can try their hand at and campaigns that a web design company can build.

A Facebook Break Down from Your Web Design Company

Facebook ‚Äì Facebook has a large consumer audience. However, since many businesses are trying to monetize the medium, it also has a lot of B2B influence. With that said, a portion of the “consumers ” on Facebook are also business people, so it's possible to get signups for a free webinar, or build your email list with a link to a free white paper using Facebook. If you're looking for a more B2B focused social network, LinkedIn.com is worth getting into.

Contests, Facebook ads and other viral marketing campaigns are commonly used and successful in the B2C circle, which a web design company can help you set up.

Twitter Basics from Your Web Design Company

Twitter – Twitter can be considered a very universal social media tool because both businesses and consumers alike use it in whatever way they like. Companies focusing on consumers have been very successful offering free samples, providing customer service, and creating inbound links by using Twitter.

B2B companies have also been wildly successful using the medium for word-of-mouth marking when they are trying to collect participants on a webinar, drive traffic to their website, sell a product or build their email list with a free white paper. A web design company understands the importance of building search engine optimized sites, and Twitter links happen to be highly indexed by Google.

A Brief Introduction to YouTube from Your Web Design Company

YouTube – YouTube tends to lean more heavily to the consumer audience, while B2B companies tend to expand their video hosting sites to include additional professional platforms like Vimeo.com and Wistia.com. Old Spice recently ran a B2C viral campaign that got 1.4 billion views and within a month, increased sales by 107%. The effort simply had their main spokesperson responding to Twitter and YouTube comments through personalized videos. They did this for a couple days and put up new videos every 20 minutes to every couple of hours.

Unfortunately, not every company has the budget or brand preference to afford the same type of unique campaign. In fact, Cisco tried mocking the Old Spice videos in a campaign of their own. It didn't work for them. A web design company can help you put together your own identifiable social media profiles and start driving website traffic right away.