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  • Learn more about generating interest in niche investment funds
  • The critical components necessary for every alternative investment fund's website design

Attracting — and appealing to — financial advisors for alternate investment fund websites presents fundamentally different challenges and strategies compared to traditional fund sites.

Niche investment funds can be a lot of things, from real estate to energy to infrastructure to emerging technology. Alternative investment funds cross a broad scope of categories and risk levels, representing billions of dollars. These AIFs offer myriad investment opportunities for financial advisors to consider.

The one thing they all have in common: a hyper-focus.

Alternative investment funds don’t have as much protection from market shifts as diversified funds. However, strategic website design can help financial advisors visualize the potential opportunities in your fund for their clients.

It’s Time to Go Deep

Alternative investment fund managers need to know their market inside and out — and the website needs to demonstrate that. If your website looks like every other mutual fund site, it’s time for a redesign. Strategic alternative investment fund (AIF) website design needs to position your fund as the go-to resource for all related content.

Establishing your fund as an expert, with in-depth knowledge and insight is imperative when convincing financial advisors to invest.

Create multiple content strategies that highlight your expertise.

By adopting both a long term and immediate information strategy on your website, your fund can establish authority.

  • Build an industry repository of planned content analyzing the market, identifying key players, exploring any emerging trends or potential impacts stemming from global geopolitical forces. Include analytical and technical content along with more relatable videos and opinion pieces.
  • Dedicate a prominent area of your site – and your marketing strategy – to addressing, responding and contributing to developing news coverage.

Alternative Fund Websites Anatomy

Attracting new financial investors is hard. Most have established funds with a proven history of growth that they rely on for the majority of their clients. Investing in a new fund for their clients requires a significant amount of diligence and trust. Funds need to make the research process as easy and transparent as possible. These content areas should be critical components of every fund’s website design.

  • Ongoing, Expert Commentary. Feature regular articles and features addressing market influences and trends
  • In-the-News. Address the current news impacting your fund with a careful, considered take, including long and short term concerns.
  • Your Process. Why? Why your fund? Why your focus? Demonstrate why you believe in the long-term investability of your fund. Show your belief for the niche with a focused and impassioned mission statement.
  • Team Introduction. Unlike established mutual funds, financial advisors need to eminently trust the people behind the AIF in order to invest their client’s money. Introduce your team, any prominent industry leaders. Showcase videos and focus on the people behind the fund.
  • Historical Information. Be candid about both positives and negatives in the fund’s history. Go above and beyond standard growth charts and feature historical snapshots, with casual analysis on peaks and dips.
  • Toolkit. If you have any resource, make them easy to find and access. Mobile apps, online calculators, newsletters, industry alerts, forms, prospectuses, or any third party research and analysis should all be ready at-a-glance for advisors to review.

The Risk is Real

Niche fund managers don’t have the ability to stand behind a century of market growth. That is a luxury reserved for a select few diversified mutual funds. Addressing the risk inherent in a niche investment fund not only is essential, but if done right can help attract financial investors.

Don’t shy away from discussing market factors that have negative impact on your fund. Political, climate, competitive or social issues that have the potential to increase or decrease your funds viability shouldn’t be ignored.

If you shy away from pointing out risks, financial advisors will never trust in your fund or the people managing it. Transparency and openness on your site – even when the news is negative – can build a sense of confidence in your team that may persuade advisors to give your fund a second or third look.

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