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  • What is Google Analytics 4?
  • What Makes it Different?
  • The Future of Analytics

Google Analytics 4: What Makes it Different?

The newest, latest, shiniest version of Google Analytics just dropped. Meet: Google Analytics 4, the biggest update in years to give businesses a deeper look at data.

What is Google Analytics 4?

Google introduced its vision for the future of Analytics last week – meet Google Analytics 4 (GA4)! Formerly Google Analytics App+Web, GA4 is a strategic tool that businesses can use to collect data, develop a deeper understanding about customer behavior, analyze their return on investment (ROI), and strategically plan their future marketing strategies.

Learn More About Google Analytics 4

Find out how to use it to boost ROI.

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What Makes Google Analytics 4 Different?

Google’s new update is aimed at enhancing the customers’ decision-making abilities and helping brands get a higher ROI.

Here are four great new features that make up Google Analytics 4.

1. Key AI/ML-Based Enhancements

One of the most exciting features of Google Analytics 4 is the availability of AI-powered insights. These insights will allow businesses to make data-driven decisions and predictions, such as demand for certain products and/or services. With predictive analytics like this, businesses can strategically plan their next move, instead of shooting in the dark.

2. Audience Maintenance

Google Analytics 4 allows brands to build audiences from website and app visits and also maintain their status. For example, imagine a user visits a website and makes a purchase. They can be converted to a specific audience because of that action. Now, analytics will remove those users from the list so they don’t get retargeted with the same ads.

3. Customer-Centric Reports

Another striking feature that differentiates Google Analytics 4 is the way reports are organized. Google states that these detailed reports can reveal even the minutest of the customer engagement, such as what channels are attracting customers, whether or not they are sticking around after conversion, and more. Businesses are now able to provide a customized user ID to measure user action across devices for reporting and targeting.

4. Codeless Convenience

Now, we are able to track and measure the actions that customers take on websites and apps without needing to add code (or set up event tracking within Google Tag Manager). Thanks to this convenient codeless feature, brands now have enhanced predictive insights, cross-device measurement capabilities, deeper Google Ad integration, and much more control over data.

Google Analytics 4 Reporting

The Future of Analytics

Google Analytics 4 is a great opportunity for brands to refocus on their customer lifecycle and dig deeper into data. The sooner you embrace Google Analytics 4, the sooner you’ll be able to collect all that data and play around with the new dashboards for a more effective digital marketing strategy.

Want to know more about digital marketing and how Google Analytics 4 can boost ROI? Call the marketing experts at CMDS at 732-706-5555.

Learn More About Google Analytics 4

Find out how to use it to boost ROI.

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