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Movin’ on Up- CMDS is Getting New Digs!

We’re excited to announce that CMDS is making a big move and opening the doors on our new Colts Neck headquarters in an award-winning (read: insane) commercial space. Previously located in Middletown, New Jersey, we’ve rocked the digital industry and have experienced so much growth these past two years that we’ve outgrown our current space so we’re getting new digs! This is killer news and so inspiring to watch our company grow and take on bigger and better spaces, both inside and out.

It’s Bananas!

“These are exciting times for CMDS- it’s bananas! With the momentum that continues to build, we are thrilled to now be headquartered in such a cool building that fits who we are and culture,” Chris Mulvaney, CEO of CMDS.” Demand for our marketing services is booming. So, we need more space to expand all facets of our business to improve client services and provide even more room for growth.”

Our Oasis of Inspiration

Constructed in 2004 by Two River Engineering, the 5,000 square foot building, located on route 34 has a meticulously customized design with the capability to continue to expand for additional office spaces as we continue to grow. Previously used as a yoga and massage studio and rebuilt in 2011, there is so much detail put into this space…when you walk through the door, you’re entering an oasis of creativity that is now our headquarters. We strategically chose this building, in this town from many competing options, because they embody our mission and philosophy for our client base.

Setting the Bar

The layout is pretty sick; with an open loft and plenty of open space, we also plan to dedicate a green screen room, providing highly in-demand filming and rock-star video production capabilities for our clients. Our developers will sit (or stand) at a crescent shaped bar height desk where they’ll all easily collaborate and the whole building is wired with awesome connectivity featuring individual room-controlled sound and cutting edge technology. This building is eco-friendly and featuring natural well water, LED lighting and we’re even looking into the possibility of solar for the future so we can be completely off the grid. Pangea Voice and Data Solutions will be installing all of the data cabling and Gorsegner Brothers will be refinishing all of the hardwood floors, both local companies and clients of CMDS.

We pride ourselves on being client-centered and focused on driving measurable results and return on investment for our clients and partners. “This move is going to set the bar for us. Other agencies (the giant agencies) have creative office spaces that they’re leasing in Manhattan; to own something this cool in this area totally makes us one of “them.” We’re good at what we do and we do really well for our clients. It says a lot about who we are in a creativity standpoint and a cultural standpoint.

About the Rock Stars at CMDS:

CMDS is an award-winning, full-service boutique NJ marketing company that has provided the best marketing, website design and development, online advertising, search engine optimization, copy writing and social media management services to a diverse group of high-end businesses since 2002. Previously headquartered for 10 years in Middletown, New Jersey, CMDS will be making this geographically strategic move to help recruit and retain even more top talent to keep up with the business development demands. For more information, contact Vice President Temi Mehta at (732) 706-5555×205 or visit the company’s website at