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  • What is the New App, Clubhouse?
  • How to Join Clubhouse?
  • 3 Benefits for Brands on Clubhouse

Clubhouse App for Brands

Have you heard the news? Clubhouse is the new audio-based social media app that everyone wants in on.

Not sure if Clubhouse is right for your business? Let’s take a look at some big benefits for brands (if they get the invitation to use it).

What is the New App, Clubhouse?

Clubhouse is an audio-only social media app that is currently by invitation only. Priding itself on exclusivity, Clubhouse defines itself as a “a new type of social product based on voice [that] allows people everywhere to talk, tell stories, develop ideas, deepen friendships, and meet interesting new people around the world.”

It’s important to note that businesses and brands who want to join in on the conversation must sign up as a person representing that brand rather than creating a business profile name.

In Clubhouse, participants can join different chats covering a wide variety of subjects. They can simply listen in on live conversations or offer up their own perspective on stage. It’s almost like a digital version of a conference with hundreds of different rooms to choose from. Participants can jump from room to room or they can stay in one room for as long as they’d like. Some rooms are private (closed to the public) and others are conference-like panel discussions with up to 5,000 people participating (the current room limit).

It’s purely audio without any visual elements or chat bar functionalities. That means: no photos, no recordings, no posts. Don’t think Instagram. Don’t think Facebook. It’s nothing like any of those social media apps. This is like your favorite podcast happening in real time.

How to Join Clubhouse?

At the moment, Clubhouse is by invitation only since it’s still in the beta-testing stage for iPhone users only. Once you download the app, you’ll be put on a waitlist. Those who are already in the app can see you’re on the waitlist and grant you access with an invitation. But, the app is growing rapidly (over 8 million downloads as of February 16, 2021) which is making it easier to “get in” on the app action.

Their website offers hope for those who are interested in joining: A company statement says that they are “building Clubhouse for everyone and working to make it available to the world as quickly as possible.”

3 Benefits for Brands on Clubhouse

The sky’s the limit for any industry including travel, financial, hospitality, legal, CBD and cannabis, real estate, retail and home improvement. Just about any brand can benefit from the opportunities within Clubhouse.

1. Expand Networking Opportunities

This platform is really about live networking and putting your brand in rooms with others of influence. Since it’s a lot like joining a digital conference, participants have the opportunity to engage in conversations with people that they may have never had the opportunity to connect with in real life. Users can connect with friends, CEOs, coworkers, celebrities and many high-profile guests including Elon Musk, and Mark Zuckerberg.

If your brand provides value, you will get noticed.

2. Engage with Your Voice

What we love about the app is the fact that expertise is what makes a brand stand out. Clubhouse allows brands to build connections and engage with only their voice. It’s not about what they’re wearing or how they look or what kind of camera they have. Speakers don’t have to “get ready,” write a script or edit shows like with a podcast or YouTube. Different from other social media sites, like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, Clubhouse is a camera-free environment, audio-based format.

And since the conversations are happening live (and not recorded for playback), it incentivizes users to spend more time on the app searching for rooms in fear of missing something important. Because, when the conversation is done, it’s gone. The emphasis is on true human connection and the dynamics of live conversations.

3. Authentically Help Others

Big or small, brands on Clubhouse have the chance to make meaningful connections and deliver value. It’s a really interesting space to authentically help others, provide tips and bring people together with meaningful discussions.

Clubhouse presents amazing opportunities for brands and businesses to establish themselves as the go-to resource, connect with customers and even collect valuable feedback on products and services. Note: it’s not the place to sell.

In this kind of audio-only platform, it’s just you, as the industry expert, sharing valuable knowledge and building connections. Brands will ultimately be judged on what value they bring to the table.

Growing Your Brand on Clubhouse

It’s important to note that Facebook and Twitter have already been developing their own audio-based “Clubhouse” clones. In fact, “Twitter Spaces” (Twitter’s voice-based version) is currently in private beta testing.

Although Clubhouse is fairly new, it’s rapid growth and the benefits of audio communication deserves your attention right now. We’ve barely scratched the surface of what’s possible within this emerging audio app, but it’s clear that businesses of all sizes can take advantage of this opportunity to leverage their expertise, make strong connections, and gain unique networking opportunities.