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Inside Look: How A Marketing Agency In NJ Helps Businesses Thrive

Read Time 9 mins Published Apr 18, 2022

A digital marketing agency in New Jersey isn’t anything innovative or groundbreaking these days. Heck, there are now hundreds, if not thousands, of digital marketing agencies all over the world. So, what makes us stand out from the competition?

To put it simply, we’re the problem-solvers and objective-crushers that businesses need in 2022.

After the pandemic hit, people got used to staying at home more and more. The consumer of today now relies on social media and Google to learn about products and services they might need. This means that if your online presence isn’t the best it can be, then you’ll most likely have to close up shop sooner or later.

By online presence, we are not just talking about having a website. We’re talking about every single online platform your business can benefit from. Your business has to be everywhere if you plan on growing your brand and selling your product.

That being said, we know how much time all of this takes. It’s why hiring a marketing agency can be the best option for you.

Let us show you how our marketing agency in NJ can help your business grow and how we’ll make it possible.

Custom-Made Marketing Strategies

Custom-Made Marketing Strategies

You can’t make a business grow without a good strategy. You need an objective and plan of action if you want your business to thrive. Sadly, creating a good marketing strategy that is effective and works well inside your industry isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Two digital marketers discuss a client’s customer journey while one of them jots down notes on white paper.

Generalized marketing strategies just don’t cut it anymore. Your business needs a tailored strategy that focuses on your target persona while helping your brand look its best. While some marketing strategies you see online seem good enough, most fail to really help your brand grow.

This is because thousands of other people are trying to apply that same strategy to their business, in exactly the same way as you are. With all of these brands using the same call to actions, social media strategies, and website designs, it’s apparent why users start to ignore them after a while.

If you want your business to grow, you need to be able to stand out, especially inside your industry. You want to make your competitors look stale and boring when a prospective client compares your company to others with similar products or services.

You need marketers who are able to notice trends in your industry and make good use of them. For the most part, these marketers are working in digital marketing agencies.

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While it’s recommended that you find a digital marketing agency that can provide you with a custom-made marketing strategy for your business, the truth is that few actually do. Let us explain.

Many digital marketing agencies prefer to use “cookie-cutter” strategies where they have this very specific process laid out. They don’t stray from it, no matter what.

While this can work sometimes, it defeats the purpose of standing out if the agency uses the same strategy for other businesses it is working with.

This is why we create digital marketing strategies from scratch. We know how important standing out in 2022 is, so making a strategy that is unique to your brand is our priority.

A digital marketing employee explains a new strategy for a client to her co-workers.

While other marketing agencies play it safe with their cookie-cutter ideas, we help our clients grow by taking calculated risks. This is all done with careful planning and is discussed with the client before starting.

Remember, a business without a digital marketing strategy is a business destined to fail.

Your business NEEDS a marketing strategy and it needs to be a good one.

All of this being said, there is a very important point to consider: Digital marketing is ever-evolving. This means that what was a killer strategy in January might be horrible in June.

Your business must not only have a good strategy, but it must also be able to adapt to new changes quickly.

Instant Adaptability

Instant Adaptability

Being able to change and adjust strategies on the fly is a must-have skill in 2022 because of how fast digital marketing trends evolve. Your brand needs to be on top of the current changes in order to stay ahead of the competition.

This isn’t always easy to accomplish since you also have a business to run. It’s possible you may miss a big trend or change if you also have to put time into other areas of your business.

This is why finding a digital marketing agency is your best bet.

Digital marketing agencies with a cookie-cutter process generally don’t pay attention to new trends or changes until it’s too late. They don’t want to adjust their strategy just because a new trend appears.

Three digital marketing employees discuss some strategy and take notes of a campaign for a new client.

Here at CMDS, we LOVE change. It’s how digital marketing avoids becoming stale and boring for clients. Changes, such as algorithms promoting videos on social media organically, are great at shaking things up, and also give you wonderful opportunities to grow.

Change is what causes your brand to innovate and helps you reach customers you wouldn’t have been able to reach before. It brings with it opportunities to create unique campaigns that can blow up online and get your brand noticed by millions of people.

We keep talking about “change” as the influential factor here, but there’s an even more important word: “instant”. You don’t want to apply a new trend or strategy in a month or two. You want to apply that change instantly. As in, right now! The sooner you make that change, the sooner you’ll see results!

You want a marketing agency that is able to notice when a big change is coming and adapt your strategy before anybody else. This is crucial in social media platforms, which are always evolving.

If you take into account that over 3.6 billion people used social media worldwide in 2021, you can understand how necessary it is to be on top of the latest trends and newest features.

Adapting to a trend or strategy after three months is useless. Why? Because your competitors have most likely been using the strategy for at least two months. This means they had more than enough time to take advantage of it.

You want to be the first one to apply that strategy in your industry if possible, and we can help you achieve that.

Three social media marketers discuss a new campaign for a client while one check their calendar on an iPad.

We want to see your brand grow and blow the competition out of the water. With our help, you’ll be leading your industry in no time! We’ll also make sure that your target audience knows who you are.

Having a custom-made marketing strategy is vital, but running campaigns alongside it is just as important.

Now we’re not referring to just any run-of-the-mill campaign. The kind of campaign we’re talking about is one that is focused on your target persona and gives your audience what they really want from your brand. Let’s talk about it.

Customer-Centric Campaigns

Customer-Centric Campaigns

People everywhere are tired of advertisements and campaigns that try to hook them into a product they don’t really need or want. It’s not just one or two brands per week that try this, it’s hundreds of different brands trying to get them to purchase something.

This changed the marketing game and made people very hard to advertise to. Nowadays, people just brush off any type of post or content that seems to be selling them a product or service. They know that the campaign is just there to make money and that the brand doesn’t care for them as a consumer at all.

We want to change that. A potential customer should have a good time from the first post they see from your campaign, all the way up to the follow-up email they get after a purchase.

People want to know that a business they are interested in truly cares for them. They also want to know that your business is there to make their lives better, not just to make money.

Let’s face it, consumers have endless options of places where they can buy a product or service similar to what you may sell. While your product might be better than the one your competition is selling, if your campaign doesn’t entice them to buy yours, they will just keep searching.

A business owner in a white blouse closes a deal with two clients in navy suits.

Being able to reach out to them, share samples of your product, and respond to any questions they have will, without a doubt, help you sell more. But it also takes more time out of your day.

Every person wants to be treated as a human being, not as a metric. As a business, this is always important to remember.

What people ultimately want is a good user experience. They want to connect with your brand and make sure your values align with theirs. They want to know that the brand they bought a product or service from is there if they need them.

We want to help you by creating customer-centric campaigns that help people “click” with your business. Your customers will love you for it.

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Up-to-date tips and secrets to thrive in 2022

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We’ve gone through a few areas that will, without a doubt, help your business thrive in 2022.

Let’s do a quick recap so you don’t forget any of the areas we talked about.

First, we talked about how important a custom marketing strategy is for your business. You want to make sure it is made just for you and takes into consideration the industry you are in.

Then, we mentioned how important adapting to new trends and strategies is. Your business should be able to quickly change its strategy and incorporate a new trend as soon as possible.

Finally, we mentioned how important it is to create campaigns that are focused on your customers instead of your product or service. Make your customers feel welcome and they will reciprocate.

Whether you need help in creating a strategy or anything else, we’re here to help.

Remember to never settle for marketing agencies with cookie-cutter strategies either. You want your business to be unique, not just another brand to add to the pile.

If you have any questions or thoughts, make sure to leave a comment down below and we’ll make sure to answer them as soon as possible.

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