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3 Reasons Why Website SEO Has The Best ROI – From Your SEO Agency

Published Aug 24, 2010

When launching or re-launching a website, you often think about things like usability, great copywriting and overall design. You’ll talk to your website designers about brand colors and identity, while you’ll talk to your copywriters about tone and personality.

What many companies overlook when launching new website is search engine optimization. Many companies think that just because they’ve put a website up on the internet, that their site will automatically be listed in Google and thousands of new web surfers will land on their site. Even worse, they may think that website seo is just a matter of having a blog or inserting meta keywords.

The reality of the matter is that website SEO is a craft, and it takes a professional SEO agency or individual skilled in keyword research and copywriting to make a website that can be found in search engines.

Sure, your website may be found for your company name, but any company can do that due to the uniqueness of most brands. An SEO agency recommends thinking of your website as a tree. Your homepage is the trunk of the tree. The pages and post you create on your blog are your tree branches. The more website SEO you implement, the bigger the tree grows and the further it reaches.

Website SEO has the greatest return on investment for any company for three solid reasons, according to this SEO agency:

  1. Long-Tail Results. Your initial investment will last your website a lifetime. Once you post a page or blog on your website and it’s optimized for niche, targeted keywords, the content will continually be found in Google for that keyword.
  2. Measurement. Targeting specific keywords allows you to track and analyze how well certain pages and posts on your site are doing to drive you business. If you wrote an article targeting no keywords, not only would you have no idea how well the article was doing for your website traffic, but it might be attracting the wrong audience.
  3. Market Research. Consider keyword research and website SEO a market research strategy. Keyword research actually helps you define your website goals by telling you the types of phrases people in your niche are using to search and also by telling you the type of lingo that people associate with your topic.

How to start implementing website SEO on your site right now – Advice from your SEO Agency

Any company can start right away revamping existing content and creating new content when they hire an SEO agency. Articles and website copy can be optimized and republished with little alteration to the content, giving your website longevity and continued search engine rankings.

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