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CMDS Creates Rockstar Website for Core Rhythm Fitness Meals

Published Oct 29, 2016

Ask Rodrick Covington why he created Core Rhythm Fitness Meals, and he’ll probably tell you that doing fitness without nutrition is like getting a Porsche without the engine.

Founder and CEO of Core Rhythm Fitness, Covington has created a personal fitness and nutrition company that is passionate about body, mind and spirit transformation. Believing that eating right is 80% of the equation when it comes to hitting your fitness goals, Covington has always put proper nutrition at the core of CRF. And now, with the launch of, clean eating is more accessible than ever before!

Covington’s business consultant, Albie Manzo, of Bravo’s Manzo’d with Children, came to us with a vision for a website that simplified the process of getting CRF-approved meals delivered right to his clients’ doorsteps. It has been our pleasure to turn that vision into a reality.

In keeping with the Core Rhythm Fitness brand, we knew we needed to create a site that had a sleek layout, a clean aesthetic and an encouraging vibe. We also knew we needed to provide the same empowering user experience that Covington’s clients have come to expect from CRF.

Working with the powerful e-commerce platform Magento, we designed a streamlined website that makes it virtually effortless for clients to stay on track. Smart navigation allows for simple meal planning—the new website enables users to view menu items, configure meals and arrange delivery with ease. Mobile-responsive design ensures that clients will have the same user-experience when they order their meals anytime, anywhere.

When it comes to healthy eating, convenience creates consistency, and consistency creates results. With Core Rhythm Fitness Meals, hitting your fitness goals has never been easier.

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